Inside A Broken Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
About a girls heart being broken from someone she thought was true

Submitted: March 31, 2008

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Submitted: March 31, 2008



You broke me once deep inside,

You used to tell the truth but then you lied,

No words of love come from your lips anymore,

My heart was sealed but then it tore.

You ripped it apart piece by piece,

Not caring about my feelings in the least,

Don't you understand how I feel about you?

Don't you understand that it's all true?

You kept using me like a useless human being,

And I was so blind that I only saw what I was feeling,

I couldn't see through you, but you could see through me,

And now there's nothing more that I can be.

My bleeding insides flow over the top,

Red fills my vision and it wont seem to stop,

I call out your name but you don't turn back,

So caring and charming but then you attack.

You don't call me back as I walk away,

And I don't run because I want to stay,

But no voice echoes behind my disappearing silhouette,

And my cheeks become wet.

Pieces are falling behind me as I walk,

Once you came I had thrown away the lock,

But now there is nobody left to pick them up from the ground,

And I am left with the tears that are never to be found.

I wanted you to be there,

I wanted our love to be shared,

But you threw it away just as quickly as you took it up,

And I can't tell if I have a half empty or half full cup.

I'm losing ground every day,

Imobolized clouds filled with grey,

They drift by without a single glance,

And I'm left in a dazing trance.

My hair falls into my stained eyes,

Trying hard to forget all the good times,

Why try to remember the good or the bad?

All of them just made me sad.

I can't fathom the feelings that rest inside my body,

With no heart and insides rotting,

I'm left alone with no arms to hold me,

And no one cares enough to try and see.

I keep trying to put up walls around my soul,

But nobody would want it when it's as black as coal,

Dying inside, I hope you see it,

So then maybe you'll understand that my hearts been split.

Pain and sorrow kept deep inside,

My broken heart is still full of your lies,

And every day it breaks some more,

And it leaves me lying broken and sore.

Don't leave me like this all broken and gone,

I hate you but yet I'm still drawn,

I don't want to love you anymore,

But I need the strength to pick up the oar and paddle ashore.

I thought I could trust you but it's different now,

And I could finally walk away without knowning how,

I forgot all the pain and the memories too,

I forgot all the love and even you.

Into this Broken heart of mine,

Never will it mend on the inside,

But here the stitches are bound and made,

But never will the scars fade.

I'm sorry that I so hopelessly waisted your time,

And even though no words escaped my mouth like a horrible mime,

I left you and my torn heart behind,

Your hand falls from mine no longer entwined.

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