Just Fly Away

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I know it's been forever since I've posted poetry. And I apologize for that. But I've written three new poems, this being the first one that I wrote after very much inspiration from hearing other people read THEIR poetry. I've decided to write more about the good feelings in life, instead of the bad. Just like all my new poetry, it is read a certain way. I try to convey how it is read by the way I put the run on sentences together.

Submitted: May 17, 2009

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Submitted: May 17, 2009



I am flying

Above water deepened blue by the moon eclipsed with golden wonders

Beneath the waves that crash on your back giving you the feelings of lost tranquility

Eyes closed.

And breathe.

Inhale inhale inhale inhale and don’t let out that breath until you are filled with soft, imperfect desires

Eyes open.

And release.

Exhale exhale exhale exhale until you are inhale.

Inhale like a feather, light and peaceful sitting on the wave that once taught you to fly.

To fly.

To jump and be able to put forth your arms and have wind be your teacher your command

But to be free to have the wind be your friend your partner.

Don’t blink don’t blink don’t blink because the image will surely have been ruined when you reopen them

Yet not the same, beautiful.

Will you let me take you where the grass is green and the leaves are red?

Where music plays in soft purple haze of the mountain peaks high up in the sky where we can fly?


I didn’t think so.

Can you take me where the darkness leaks out replaced with light?

Where sorrow is just another word for words beyond tomorrow and life has no boundaries but to be yourself, love yourself and yourself unto whom others think of you.

To not breathe but still smell the breeze taste the lillacs feel the grass beneath your toes spread out like pebbles with your wings and fly.

And here I am again above water mixed with sky.

How I wish you could take me there.


I didn’t think so.

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