Love Deeper Than The Ocean

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A love so deep it fills every crevice ever known to man. A love so deep, it is deep than the ocean. A love so deep that it's worth fighting for, with everything that you have.

Submitted: March 24, 2008

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Submitted: March 24, 2008



Blacker then the darkest abyss.

As heartbreaking as something you would not miss.

Lighter than the brighest sun.

Happier than the side that won.

Lonlier than the weakest bird.

Softer than something that cannot be heard.

Forced upon those with great hearts.

Beating triumphantly like new created art.

Breaths shared and never forgotten.

So strong and healthy it could never rotten.

Hearts and souls shared as one.

Worth more than gold; worth more than a ton.

Sighs escape the lips of one not broken.

Words escape the throat of things not spoken.

Blessed like the dove who spreads its wings.

Open to the sounds, like a bird that sings.

No more worries and no more aches.

No more lies and no more fakes.

No more died hope of anothers love.

Held in tightly as if trapped in a glove.

Wishes are burned in the fire.

No more bodies touched by the hands of a liar.

Love so true it's like it's not real.

Love so true that only they can feel.

Dignified and strong.

They will always go on.

Forever and ever they will stay.

As you see the last chip, fall where it may.

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