My Heart Is Bleeding

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
You inflicted so much pain on me that now my heart is bleeding, and there's nothing that can heal it

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



I thought the sound of your voice comforted me.

I thought one look at your face would be all that I would see.

But one intake of your thoughts and who you really are.

Made me realize we were really very far.


You used to make me feel like myself.

You used to make the feeling stay, so it never left.

You used to make my heart flutter with butterflies.

But then I realized these were all just lies.


You took your knife and stabbed my heart.

The pain so unbearable it wouldn't start.

I fell to the ground in pools of blood.

And it overwhelmed me like a giant flood.


The pain made me numb.

Nothing else could meet that sum.

I realize now that all you kept doing was fleeing.

But deep down inside my heart is bleeding.


It bleeds every day.

The pain stabbing me but I still listen to what you say.

I'm trying to keep getting through the hours.

But I can't wash it away, no matter how many showers.


Scars will never fade.

They stay there and I keep needing aid.

But nobody is willing to stretch out their hand for me.

Because all I ever do is just bleed.


I don't tell anyone.

All I will ever do is run.

And I'm done showering down all my problems.

Because I can never ever solve them.


As every day wears on.

I listen sadly to my horrible love song.

And still deep down insde; what others aren't seeing.

Is that my heart just keeps on bleeding.


My friends try to sew it.

As they try to poke in the needle I don't throw a fit.

You gave me so much pain.

That there's nothing more you could ever take away.


So now I lay here dying.

My heart and my brain keep fighting.

The blood and the pain now leaving.

My heart is still bleeding.

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