This Endless Hallway

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This endless hallway.
So long.
So everlasting.
Without anyone else it is dark.
An abyss at the end is waiting.
At the end of this endless hallway.

Submitted: May 05, 2008

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Submitted: May 05, 2008



Stone high statues rising to the stars,

Dark blue walls matching.

Archways rising high above my figure,

The once solid concrete threatens to fall.


Tiles of grey and white,

Patterns flash from dark and light.

The moon approaches the sun,

And it is dark once again.


The endless tiles walk into the dark,

Where I cannot see past.

A wall, a mark, somewhere on the other side,

Or nothingness.


Hazel eyes scan the horizon,

Waiting for the day to reappear.

But it is gone forever,

Until darkness fades.


Footsteps echo down the hard floor,

Speaking to the walls.

Is this a dream,

Or is this a nightmare?


Beyond the doubt of my mind,

I whisper the songs on the clear walls.

They don't speak back to me,

But I don't mind at all.


Quiet fills my mind,

Misery builds from behind.

I'm stuck in a tragedy,

But there are no keys and no doors.


My choices have been taken,

My love has failed.

My heart has been ripped in two pieces,

And my soul is in anothers body.


This life I live becomes a fork in the road,

But I can't stear or take one for myself.

And so I have ended up,

Walking down this endless hallway.


Every step I take,

Seems to get me further away.

Everything becomes so small,

And I am the giant in this world now.


A melody opens my ears,

A sound so ungrateful it leers.

I inhale the lullaby like the air,

But I do not follow it.


My feet bring me down,

Down towards the end of the hallway.

But there is no end,

Just everlasting darkness.


This melody that keeps to play,

Is a requiem.

The death before me opens its mouth,

But I am not taken, for I am still here.


This nightmare, this dream,

Opens my eyes to things unseen.

My mind grows tense,

But my body calm.


I am limpless and lifeless,

Unable to control.

This body I am in,

Takes the lead.


Dusty walkways,

A tear falls from my eye.

I can do nothing,

Nothing to restrain.


No matter how hard I try to let go,

No matter how hard I try to get away,

I'm stuck walking,

Down this endless hallway.

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