Through the Darkness

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You got me through everything, but I wasn't expecting it. And if you could do it for me, why can't I do the same for you?

Submitted: February 20, 2008

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Submitted: February 20, 2008



Silence fills the room.

Slowly drowning the blooming of quiet flowers.

I sit lonely for I will see you soon.

Looking desperately as though there were founders.


Darkness brings the light.

It cuts through black like white.

It shows us all we can touch the souls.

It tells us we will never have the courage to climb the polls.


Whistling wind brings cold into the lives.

Sitting quietly hearing you whisper those lies.

I stir in the dark, for the light falls.

The bird that hides rings out its calls.


Your voice so delicate and slow.

But you keep getting stuck.

Like a boat that's trying to row.

But your heart and brain are back in the muck.


Tears of love slide down the smooth pale face of mine.

I loved you for you were so divine.

But my heart failed the test.

You'll have to go alone through all the rest.


As I stand to leave.

You grab my sleeve.

You plead with me.

But I must go.


I'm crying softly like the trees who bleed.

Their brown blood dripping slowly to the seed.

I run away, towards my only hope.

How else am I supposed to cope?


Dying inside, even though I had no feelings.

Like an orange who is losing all it's peelings.

I fall to the ground.

Not making one sound.


As I sit quietly waiting for the day to stop.

The bird stops making it's calls.

The trees that bleed and flowers that bloom to the top.

That is where it all falls.

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