"And so I walked away..."

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There are many tragic things that happen to everyday people, innocent people.

Submitted: December 20, 2010

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Submitted: December 20, 2010



There are many tragic things that happen to everyday people, innocent people.


I was kidnapped for ransom.


My ex was seriously into drugs and drinking, and I didn't want that in my life. I knew he was using me for sex, but I wouldn't give it to him.


I come from a very famous and rich family-not my fault. My mother's an author and my father is a layer. My uncle is a surgeon and my aunt is a nurse, then my sister and cousin are both political leaders. I'm just a grocery clerk, but I aim to be an artist.


My ex worked as a construction worker, until he was fired. So that cut off his money, his drugs, drinks, and everything he owned. He thought for days for ways to get what he wants. Then one day, he saw me closing up the store late one night. Apparently he remembered me and the harsh way I left him, because he attacked.


My shrill scream bounced off the buildings and ran down the streets. He put a red hanker chief on my mouth and put his rough, clammy hand over my eyes. I twitched and shoved against him like a football player. He told me to stop moving and I felt smooth, cold metal against my head. I let out a strangled noise and reached for the cloth tied to me. Suddenly my head was forced against the brick wall of my store. Blood gushed down my face and I started shaking and screaming. It was loud even though it was muffled.


All stood still as the metal pierced through my flesh and my body fell limp. He held me by the tie of the cloth and dragged me across the gravel. Puddles of blood flowing from my stomach were left at the scene.


I was kept in his bedroom, serving him to his every need. He wrote a letter one night after a gruesome beating that led to broken ribs. The note was to my father.


Give me $20,000 and I'll think about letting your daughter go. Send the cash to 264 Mileberry Road. ~MBL


The cash did not come. Not that day, or the day after, or the day after that. No money came at all, but a grizzly man with a gun did. It was weird to see my dad so violent. This wasn't the man I knew. I couldn't take my eyes away from him as he threatened my ex. There became a two-man war in this tiny bedroom.


Dad bashed my ex in the face and he hit my dad, smashing him against the cream walls with such force that I heard the faint crack of his skull. The look my dad sent him assured my suspicions.


My father had gone crazy.


What happened next all happened in a dazed blur. I heard three gun shots, two pierced in the skull of my kidnapper and one in the heart of my dad. My ex died instantly, but my dad laid in a pool of crimson liquid with eyes staring at me. I stood as he reached for me.


"Claire!" he choked out warmly. My eyes dared not stray and I let out a crackle.


And so I walked away..

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