maddies mystery

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a girl called maddie started off getting mysterious text messages from an unknown number. after a while she finds out who it is and she has a really big shock that she really wasn't expecting. and you probably wouldn't expect it either.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



27th of July, 2016

It was a rainy Monday morning as my alarm was ringing on my bedside table, I flop my arm onto the alarm clock and turn it off. I knew I had to get up and go to the hellhole I call school. My mum shouts upstairs asking if I’m awake and getting ready, I shout back down and ask not to go in but unfortunately, she said I had to go in today. Oh, did I not mention? My name is Maddie and I am a 14 year old girl (15 in 3 days) that goes to Seymour high school. I am finishing this school in around 4 weeks, thank fuck for that. Anyway, back to the Monday morning. I pick out my outfit for the day, get changed and proceed downstairs to get some breakfast. My older brother, he is Liam and he is 17. My brother and I, we are like best friends. An advantage to me is that he has extremely hot friends who always come over. Anyway, I get my breakfast and go back up into my room to try call Marissa. Marissa is my one and only best friend, I mean literally, everyone at school hates us and we only have each other. That’s why we stick together.

As I leave my house to meet Marissa, I see Liam’s friends, and I make eye contact with one of his hot friends, his name is Zak, he is in my year but he is friends with my brother, and he is literally the best looking boy I have ever seen. But then I think, why someone like him would even consider going for someone like me, I don’t know as I’m just his best friends’ dorky little sister. I meet Marissa and we walk into school as if we are just normal teenagers, trying not to catch Riley’s eye (or any of her friends, they’re the bullies of Seymour high) and we just go straight to our lockers. I glance across the hall to see Zak stood at his locker holding a small box with a little label on the side, which I couldn’t completely see. I just try ignore it and walk into Math.

“So class, that is how you calculate the square root of…” babbles Mr Lorton, our math teacher.  ‘BLEEP, BLEEP’ goes my cell phone. “Mr Lorton, may I go to the bathroom please?” I ask politely while blocking the noise from my mobile. “Urh, y-yes o-o-of course, Maddie” Mr Lorton stumbles. I walk out of class and start to increase my speed while walking to the bathroom, then I come face-to-face with Zak. At this point I am thinking of something to say. Before I could even say anything, I begin stuttering to say “I-I am s-s-so sor-rry Z-a-k!” I say, feeling extremely nervous. “Hey, shush its okay. I just wanted to say, I know it’s your birthday on the 30th July, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday.” Exclaimed Zak. I start smiling and I just want to hug him right now! But I have to focus, go check my phone and get back to class.

“You have 3 new messages” reads my phone. I am getting my messages up when I hear someone approaching the bathrooms. I storm into a stall, lock the door and hold my breath. “I cannot believe the way that Maddie girl looks at my sweet Zak!” complains Riley. Then there’s me, still holding my breath in a bathroom stall. “You shouldn’t be jealous Riley, I mean after all, you aren’t dating Zak or anything.” states Courtney, one of Riley’s minions. “Ugh, yeah whatever Courtney.” Riley speaks out, sounding defeated. I slowly exit the stall and proceed with checking my messages. “I have 2 messages from mother, asking me about…Zak…?” ignore, and 1 message from an unknown number… “Hey, I am glad I saw you today, you made me so much happier and you put a smile on my face. Thankyou gorgeous <3” read the text. I message back asking who it is then head straight back to class.

The bell rings for break and my phone starts buzzing again, I have a message from the unknown person again. This message reads “if you want to know who this is that badly, then I suggest you come to the labs at 3.30. On your own.”

It came down to 3.30 and I was waiting at the science labs, on my own. Then I see a tallish boy in a black hoodie, dark blue jeans and Nike trainers. He started speaking in a deep voice, and at this point, I still can’t see their face, slowly saying “hello, Maddie…”


To Be Continued……….

Part 2 will be uploaded soon...

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