Coming Back - A Morganville Short Story

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Evangeline Returnes to Morganville Only to find out that everything has changed... will it be for better or worse?

Submitted: December 13, 2009

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Submitted: December 13, 2009



Well this is it no going back now...

Maybe I should explain I am Evangeline Black, I am coming home I've been living in England for seven years now. I left Morganville when I was 15 I've just turned 22 but i look 16 still... Confused I would be...

Morganville is a town run by vampires who won't let you out of town. My protector was Oliver and I bugged him so much about going on a foreign exchange trip he folded and got me a trip to another town run by vampires... not that I knew that at the time, I just got really excited and started acting like (in Oliver’s words) an over grown puppy, that’s why he bought me my chokers so it looked like I was wearing a dog collar... anyway when I got to England I soon learned that the town was run by vampires. Well it's not hard to guess when someone kidnaps you because of your protection bracelet.

The kidnapper took me underground and interrogated me asked me why Amelie (the founder of Morganville) had sent me. I told them that she hadn't and all they did was hit, me, I begged them to stop I cried myself to sleep at night, I even hit them and scratched them and kicked them not that I ever hurt them. Until a year later a vamp who decided he liked me decided to do the only thing that would free me...

Change me into one of them.

I hated Charlie for that, I sulked with him for two whole years, every day away from him hurt me, I missed him almost as much as I missed Jason Rosser (he was my first boyfriend, and the reason Monica Morrell the mayors daughter bullied me which lead me to leaving Morganville). One day Charlie got Sick of me not talking to him and said "Evangeline Lily Black, I miss you and without you my life seems empty. Come hunting with me tonight please."

"Ok but I will not kill the person I drink form." It was the one thing I thought I would never do.

"You don't have to I keep telling you that."


Fast-forward three years.

Me and Charlie where being hunted down by a human set on killing us, and i had been shot in the arm by a silver bullet (silver is one of the things that can kill us). He had pulled the bullet out of my arm but now there was a big hole in my arm that was bleeding and it slowed me down. I told Charlie to run ahead and save himself instead he picked me up and ran with me in his arms, for five minutes, that ended when he tripped and fell I went skidding across the floor and in to the side of a dumpster.

When I sat up the human had got to Charlie and was putting a silver dagger through his heart. I screamed so loud it hurt, someone heard and pulled me in through a passage (I thought they were just rumours) I slid down the wall and burst in to tears, not bothering to look up to see who saved me, it felt like hours till I stopped crying. When I wiped my face so it was dry I looked up, the girl who saved me was pretty, really pretty.

"Thank you" I whispered, not really meaning it. What did I have left to live for, Charlie was the only one I cared about here and everyone else I cared about were in Morganville. The girl who saved me held out her hand to help me up and I took it.

After that I began to be reckless, do stuff like draining humans blood pointlessly, starting fires in vampires houses, stuff like that. I figured they would execute me, but they never did...

After a year they decided to get rid of me and send me back to Morganville, I went after much protest.


I got a special privet jet with blacked out windows and I would get to Morganville at night so the sun wouldn't burn me and I would have a whole night to find somewhere to live.

When I got off the plane I went to the street where the Glass house is, I hoped he would let me stay for a night or two. As I walked down the street a woman ran towards me, so I backed up and fell over the curb... only I would do that!

She held out her hand to help me up, I took it and she pulled me up."Are you ok?" she asked.

"I'm fine thank you. I'm Evangeline."

"Hi Evangeline, I'm Claire do you want a lift home?"

"Don't have a home to go to."I admitted.

"Then come inside you really shouldn't be wandering around outside at night."She started to walk down the street, and to my surprise she walked to the Glass house. I wondered what happened to Michael. Well I would find out soon.

When we got to the door she invited me in and then shouted "Hey guys, we have a guest... this is..." but that’s as far as she got because Eve Rosser came down the stairs and threw her arms around my neck.

When she finally let go she said "Oh my god, Evangeline we all thought you were dead." Then immediately through her arms back around my neck. “Shane, Michael, get your butts down here its Evangeline.” She shouted up the stairs then she turned back to me “what happened to you?”

“Nothing really, I went to England... Oliver chose where I went apparently I can only be trusted in a town full of vampires, and apparently they thought I would be a great addition to team vampire.” Claire looked shocked by that that really made me smile.

At that moment Michael and Shane came down the stairs Shane ruffled my hair and said “hey kid, long time no see.”

“Kid... really I’m older than you.” He hit me and Michael tackled.

Claire and Eve rolled their eyes and said “boys”

They tried to sound innocent saying “what?” and I just started laughing. I jumped to my feet.

Then I asked something I wish I hadn’t “Eve, how is Jason?” Claire looked discussed, Eve looked like I had slapped her and the boys lost their goofy smiles. “What?”

“we can’t be mad at her she hasn’t been here for seven years.” Eve told everyone “Evangeline, he got himself in a lot of trouble after you left, every vampire in town is hunting him down with the intention of killing him when they find him. He’s as good as dead”

It felt like Eve had just ripped my heart out, suddenly there were tears in my eyes and I was running out the door, determined I was going to find him first.

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