Badger & Racoon

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Badger and Racoon are best friends but after Badger does somthing that Racoon does not like, Badger learns there are always consequences.

I wrote this because i was bored and i was thinking about franklin xD

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012




Badger & Racoon

(Stealing and lieing)



There once was a racoon who loved to play with his friends. One of his friends best friends was Badger. Racoon and Badger was like two peas in a pod. You never saw one with out the other.One day racoon got a new pen from his parents for making an A on a test earlier that week.  



Badger came over and saw the pen and asked where Racoon had gotten it from, Racoon got all excited and told Badger exactly why and how he had got the pen, when racoon was done, badger had become jealouse. 



 After wards they began to play outside. They ran around the yard and played on the swing set. Finally the sun began to go to sleep and began to set. 



Racoons parents called the boys back inside to eat supper. After wards  Badgers mom called him to tell him that it was time for him to head home. Racoon told badger bye and began eating again.Badger walked to racoons room to retrieve his bag when he saw Racoons pen laying on his desk. Badger was still upset that racoon had got somthing and he didnt, so badger put racoons pen in his back pack, he figured that racoon wouldnt notice it was gone  and that he would have it back before racoon even noticed it was gone. 



That night badger went home and took out the pen and started writing in his note book. Later that night his mother told him it was time to go to bed, so badger put the pen away and went to sleep. 



The next morning Badger woke up to fing that the pen had gone missing. He looked all over for it but never found it. 



Later that day Racoon called him all upset about his missing pen, and not being able to find it, Badger told him that he would come over and help him look for it, with guilt in his voice. 



After lunch Badger went over to racoons house to help him look for the pen, although he felt really guilty about the whole situation.  They spent all day trying to find it, when badgers mom called and told him to go home for supper. 



A few weeks past by and racoon was still upset over loosing his new pen. Badger decided to tell racoon about what happened.  How he was sorry for lieing about not knowing where it was and not having had seen it and for stealing it in the first place. 



Racoon had got very mad and told badger to go home and to never come over or talk to him again. 



Three weeks later Badger went over to racoons house and told racoon about how sorry he was for lieing to him and stealing from him. He told racoon that he promised he would never lie or steal from him again. 



They became friends again after that!

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