Secrets. *chapter one* -Not finished-

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aria was left with alot of questions, and she was determined to get answers. She wasnt gonna let any one get in her way.


She stared out the window was she watched her father drive away never to return. The rain crashed on the ground. The tail lights faded as he drove farther down the road. 

Aria had heard her parents fighting earlier that night, about how her mom thought that her father was wausting their time and how she made a mistake of marrying a man who cared more about his job then his own family. The next thing aria knew her dad had packed his bags and left with saying a word to her, or her mother. 

That was six years ago tho, when she was ten. Aria is now sixteen an living in an apartment in port town, Georgia. with her boyfriend Aaron. Aaron was 5ft and 6inches. Medium brown hair with a blue high light across his bangs. Aria was 5ft and 5inches. She had long brown hair with red underneath. She had angel bites on her lips and an anti eyebrow peircing. 

Aria had moved into the apartment with Aaron after her and her mom had a fight. Aria doesnt talk to her mom that much anymore since she blames her for her father leaving. 




Aria got out the shower and looked at her self in the mirrow, her hair was all curly from being wet. She got dressed into a ' Luv Bunny By Poizen Industries Stitch Design Skinny Fit T Shirt' and into a black pair of 'Bleeding Heart Diamond Design Skinny Fit Jeans'.  She did her make up then headed towards the subway station. Waiting there was Aaron with a cup of coffee. 

"Hey there" he said handing her the cup of coffee. 

 "Hey" she said taking the coffee and kissing his cheek. 

"So where to today?" 

"I was actually thinking of maybe,..." she paused "going on a road trip to find my dad?" 

Aaron just stood there quiet for a minuet before he catiously replied, " uhh.....Why would you want to go searching for a man who just drops his family like he did. He didnt even tell you good bye Aria, Dont you think if he cared about you at all, he wouldve kept in contact or he would have atleast told you good bye?" 

Aria stood there shocked before she threw the hot coffee at him an told him how she didnt need him to go with her and she would be fine on her own. How he was suppose to be supportive instead of putting her idea down. After the rampage she ran up the stairs and out into the sunlight, walked back to the apartment while tears fell down from her face. By the time she reached the apartment her masscara an eye liner had flooded down her face. 

She packed her things, got the money from the safe and left the apartment with out saying a word to anybody or leaving a note. 



It had begun to get dark outside, she stopped at the nearest bus stop, decided to stay there for the night and she would get back started in the morning. 

She had only been asleep for an hour when she was awoken by the sound of her phone going off. She answerd the phone half sleep, "hello?" 

"Aria! where are you!? I have been looking every where for you!" 

Aria hung the phone up, turned it on silent and went back to sleep for the night. She wasnt gonna let Aaron get in the way of what she wanted to do, Find her father and get answers. 

Submitted: March 24, 2012

© Copyright 2020 XdestyX. All rights reserved.

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