Welcome to the dark side -Chapter One-

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Kyree is now struggling with the lost of her parents, but she doesnt really open up about it until she meets this boy

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012




"It was only a week ago, my father and mother were on the way to a dinner party and were droping me off at the movies first," Kyree said as she was explaining to a kid who was only a few years younger then her. 

 "My mother was driving and my father was fixing his tie when a deer ran out in front of us. My mom swerved and hit a light pole causing a power unti to crash into out windsheild. My mom and dad were knocked out. I crawled out the back window and just as i hit the ground the car blew up into flames. Thats how i ended up here." 



 The little girl looked at kyree with a weird exspression on her face before replying " Thats so sad! but why are you not sad?" 

"Because it was their time, i cant be sad about that." Kyree said as she looked around the main hall of the foster care. 


 "Kyree!" Mrs Jenkins called "Time to follow me to your room now child."


Kyree told the little girl bye and followed as she was told. 


Five minutes later they were turning down the hallway when a bunch of girls kyree's age ran out of a room but stopped right in their tracks when they noticed mrs. Jenkins. 

  One of the girls waved at Kyree as she passed. 


 "Kyree, this is your room which you will share with five other girls your age. You are to behave and not get into any trouble. Here is your manual booklet, it has all the rules you need to know and it also has your schedual  which you will need to memorize before a week. It also has a information card in the back that you need to fill out with in two days and give it to mr. Hawkins. Do you understand?" 


"Yes ma'm." Kyree said as she sat her suit case under the only empty bed in the room. 


Kyree was left alone in the silence when she heard the door open back up. The little girl she had talked to earlier walked in with a boy about her age, maybe older but she couldnt tell. He had long brown hair which covered his hazel eyes. 

 "Kyree?" the little girl said as she looked at kyree, " this is my brother Xavier. He is 14 just like you. I figured since you didnt know any one here that he could be your first friend?" The little girl said with a smile on her face. 

 "Thanks umm.." Kyree said forgetting the little girls name. 

"Its Sakura, Isn't it such a pretty name? My mommy use to tell me it meant Cherry blossoms. She said she named me that because they were pretty and that was a pretty little girl." 

  "Well thanks Sakura, Yes that is a very pretty name. and hi Xavier, nice to meet you." 


Sakura smiled in delight of knowing she had just made a new friend while looking at her brother to see if he was going to reply, but all he did was stare at kyree and walked out the room. 


 "huh? he must not like me..." Kyree said as she was tried to figure out why the boy who seemed so friendly had just acted like she was not there. 

  "It's okay, it takes him a while to get use to new people. He will come around sooner or later, he always does." 

 she looked at kyree and looked at her suit case and back at kyree. 

"May i ask what you brought? We were not allowed to bring our stuff cause Mr. Hawkins told us that it was all destroyed in the fire." 



  "Well, " Kyree said as she sat on her bed and picked her suit case up and opened it fumbling through a few things untill she got to the personal stuff. "This is my moms necklace, she wore it at her wedding. This is my dads favorite watch, he never took it off. And this is my stuffed bear that my mom gave to me when i was born, i have had it ever since." 


Sakura looked at the stuff in amazment as she looked up at kyree and smiled. 


"Sakura Sarah Lynn!" Mrs. Jenkins called from the door as she scolded Sakura "You know you are not allowed in the older girls room, you must return to your's or you will be on janiter duty." 


 "Sorry mrs. Jenkins." She said as she was walking out "Bye kyree, I'll see you at dinner tonight" 







Later that night kyree followed all the other girls to the dinning room. She noticed the dinning room had several different tables, she turned and asked the girl beside where they sat, the girl replyed with "At table number 5. " 


  Kyree sat down at the end of the table away from every one else as she waited for the people to bring her, her dinner. 


Sakura walked over and sat beside kyree. "hi. So how do you like it here so far?" 


 "Hi, i like it just fine here. Its a little strange tho being away from my own house but im sure i'll enjoy it here after i get use to it. i thought you were suppose to be at your table?" 


  " I am but i decided to come say hi and see how you were doing. Oh yeah, and my brother was talking about you earlier to his guy friends, im not really sure what he was saying but they seemed intersted." 


"really??" Kyree sat there thinking, why would this guy who ignored her back in the room be talking about her to his friends? 


  "Yes, i think he likes you, he has never talked about another girl the whole 5 years we have been here." 


"Oh" kyree said. "How old are you?" she asked sakura who seemed to like having her company around. 


 "Im 10. My birthday is on valentines day" 


"Oh okay, so if i may ask, why are you here? Why did you and xavier get sent here?" 


  "Well it all started when my mommy started to get sick 5 years, She always had a smile on her face tho, she never let us know when she was feeling bad, but xavier always knew, him and daddy had a time getting along soon after mommy got sick. Xavier got into drinking and all kinds of stuff that daddy yelled at him about. Mommy tried to make them be friends but it never worked." She paused before she went on " Daddy said mommy didnt have to long left to live and that we needed to make it the best last 5 months of her life. Me and mommy were close, we did everything together, she called me her little princess. She made me a blanket a month before she died but it was in the fire, so i'll never get it back. Mommy and Xavier didnt get along that good either. Xavier always yelled at every one and was never nice. Then after mommy died and daddy gave us to these people, Xavier has been quiet and to his self. I worry about him. He's not his self." Sakura said with a worried look on her face. 


"It will be okay i promise, ill find out whats wrong with him. I am very good at it." Kyree hugged sakura and told her to go back to her table to eat. 


 Later that night all the girls were in their beds asleep while kyree was wide awake thinking about how she was gonna help Xavier. She fell asleep holding her stuffed bear. 

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