Torn Apart...

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my mo wrote this for my sister when she died

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



This story i'm about to tell you rips out my heart

It's about the day my doughter and me were torn apart

It's the last day I saw her smiling face

We were going on a trip to her favorite place

I'll never forget the sparkle in her eye

When she kissed her sisters and told them goodbye

Then we hoped in the truck and was on our way

It ws me Brandy and her best friend C.J

We laughed and we sang.We had a lot of fun

Then finnally we were there, our trip ws done

Brandy woke C.J up from his nap

She leaned over the seat and gave him a few taps

We stopped at a store and C.J bought himself a toy

He did a little dance to show his joy

Brandy was so happy and she squeled with delight

Mommy please let me meet up with my friends tonight

We dropped them off at Dylans place

I'll never forget that smile on her face

About an hour later, I got a call

It was C.J he said he wasn't feelig well at all

I talked to Brandy I said 'I won't leave you there alone"

(It was our last talk and it was over the phone)

She said "I know mommy but that's o.k"

"Tommorrow were meeting at the mall , and wer're spending the whole day

When my friend and i got there we saw the lights all around

Flairs were everywhere, scattered on the ground

We got Then I looked into the eyes of Brandys friend

I didn't thnk his tears would ever end

I put my arms around him and said 'you gotta be strong'

But C.J still couldn't tell me what was wrong

Then I remeber with all the comotion

The police mans words hit and I lost all locmotion

He said Brandy got hit by a car, and the impact threw her pretty far

I dropped to my knees and screamed ' No it cant be'

She can't be dead please check again for me!

I can't begin to tell you what I felt inside

But I know on that road a big part of me died

I begged them to let me see my baby

Then I cought a glimpse of her under a sheet

Laying on the cold ground across the street

The police saaid they had to finish the investigation

So I sat in the truck with C.J and my imagination

The police came over and said you can go see her now

So i walked across the street..... i dont know how

When I got there I dropped to my knees

And I hoped that god could hear my pleas

I miss her so much each and every day

Oh, Why did god want it this way

This is the story I hate to tell and how my heart was ripped to hell

Tina Richmond 1999


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