.Animal Cruelty.

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my opinions and thoughts on animal cruelty

Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011





Animal Cruelty




I am going to talk about a subject that i feel incredibly strongly about. Animal cruelty in my eyes is simply unacceptable. Why should animals have to suffer through mistreatments when humans sit back and get special treatment, what have they done to deserve abuse. They can’t talk back, they can’t say when their hurting.


It is not expected or indeed a fact of life that we should have a pet or assistance/guide animal as in a dog, or pony etc. It is in fact an honour and a privilege to be partnered with such beautiful things.


Such animals give love and ask for it back in return in different ways according to the animal, as well as food and water as well as in many cases exercise.


Therefore the neglect, abuse or simply hitting/smacking an animal or indeed doing away with daily sustenance is simply unacceptable.  Let us use the general term cruelty here which covers a multitude of things.

cruelty to animals has reached worryingly high levels in the UK and the credit crunch has given half hearted pet owners an excuse and a reason to part with their animal.

Neglect, maltreatment and more have sadly become everyday occurrences and our animal charities are over flowing with pets needing good homes.

Worse still though, compared to abandonement, are the cruel acts meted out on poor animals daily. Be it farm, domesticated or wild animals it would seem no animal is safe from the possibility of, and act of, cruelty.

There are many reasons why people abuse animals. It could be done unintentionally or intentionally.


An Active intentional form of abuse involves cruelty to animals. It happens when an individual is purposely trying to cause some harm to an animal, like hurting or beating it. Passive unintentional abuse includes lack of care or negligence towards pets. This happens as a result of inaction. Generally, it has been observed that such a situation arises when the pet owner is not aware of or does not bother to take proper care of the pet's needs for food, shelter, medical attention etc.

A report released last month by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) indicates that the organization was called upon to investigate significantly more cases "involving violence towards animals" last year than during 2008

"Every year we deal with cases that shock, but never before have we seen such a catalogue of horrifying and vicious acts of deliberate cruelty and torture towards defenceless animals," said RSPCA Chief Officer of the Inspectorate Tony Crittenden.

Of the 114,004 investigations conducted by the RSPCA in 2002, 63 led to criminal trials and 57 prompted imprisonment. During 2001, only 46 jail sentences stemmed from investigations.

Fifteen of the individuals convicted last year were juveniles.

Animals are an integral part of all of our lives. Pets become members of our families and bring companionship and a sense of security to our homes. I think that through education, advice, services, campaigning, and the law - we can prevent cruelty to animals Prevention is the ultimate aim. In an ideal world no animal would suffer in the first place, so we need to put a lot of effort into preventing cruelty wherever possible.

 The RSPCA  receive over a million calls a year from the public asking for advice, from concerns about dog fighting to worries about farm animals with no shade on hot days.

The very act of cruelty to animals is not ‘human’. The subsequent standard of interaction that causes an animal distress is unwarranted. The unnecessary suffering caused to animals only robs the planet and environment of its inherent nature of co-existence.


The main issue lies in categorizing practices such as animal farming for fur and factory requirements and testing for medical procedures (animal testing). The morality in question is a highly debatable concern and is looked into at different levels and by people from within and outside of the concerned fraternity. The term Zoosadism is applicable to cases where the documented and investigated cruelty to animals is on account of deliberate and unfair neglect. This involves abuse and cruelty, including instances of torture and killing.


It is important to understand though that viewed in perspective - not all cruelty can be categorized as sadism. There is a distinct difference between cruelty and abuse. The laws against animal cruelty may vary, but the ethics of human behaviour are questionable by all. Jurisdictions around the world have maintained and enacted specific statutes with regards to animal cruelty. These laws forbid any act of cruelty to animals and lay down specifications for the care and treatment of animals. These laws do not specify optimal treatment or tackle issues related to animal confinement or lack of environment or any of the related stress.

The statutes specify the basics of shelter, food and medical treatment and punitive action for animal torture and inhumane killing. However, the laws are not applicable in the case of practices like the treatment of animals in the circus or rodeo. Even animals that are deemed as pests are exempted from mention within the laws against cruelty. Why do rats not have right? Who has the authority to decide what is a pest? All animals have feelings, and should all have equal rights.



So, Why do People Abuse Animals?

Studies on the reasons behind animal cruelty have exposed a number of motives on the part of abusers. These include giving pain and suffering to animals for some specific benefit or hurting animals for pleasure, apathy towards the suffering of animals etc.

most people relate to animals as their source of food. People who are associated with the trading of animals for human consumption, treat animals most cruelly. Animals in the rearing farms live in very poor and unacceptable conditions. Traders are more concerned with their profits so much so that they happily compromise on the quality of living conditions of the animals, in order to provide meat to the consumers at the cheapest prices.

I am not a vegetarian, but I believe in buying organic and free range meat reared on British farms from reliable sources. I don’t eat that much meat. I have one or two meat dishes at most during a week. We are at the stage where we have genetically modified Cows, Pigs and so on for our own usage, which I personaly believe is wrong. Although i believe this is wrong, i understand why that action needed to be taken, as the human race consumes an unhealthy amount of meat.

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