Can't hold me back anymore.

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Wrote this after a reading a text message that ended a friendship.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



I gave him my heart,

but he threw it back in my face.

He loved her,

so I let him go.

I told him I’d miss him,

but he just walked away.

Leaving me all alone.

Now he’s changed,

when I see him I gag.

I can’t believe I fell in love,

with that kind of guy.

The one with the short temper.

The one that demands to know everything.

I can’t believe he is the same person,

who saved me more than once.

I realized he has just been dragging me down.

Making me relive the past.

But now I can move on with my life,

without him,

holding me back.

Everybody makes mistakes,

on who their true love is,

this was just a mistake,

and I hope he knows,

that he isn’t getting me back,

not as a friend,

and nothing more,

So goodbye Ben,

you helped me to realize

that I don’t need you

holding me back.

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