It Doesn't End With Just One...

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My fans know that I've been having a hard time these last couple months. And now I was pushed over the edge. I went back to my old habits. The only difference this time is that I don't care.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




Everything is going downhill.

Everything that was good,

comes crashing down.

Two weeks in,

and I’ve lost all my friends.

All communication, gone.

I knew it wouldn’t stay good forever,

but I didn’t think it would end so quickly either.

The urges start again.

They take control of everything.

My mind.

My body.

I can’t handle anymore loss,

Or anymore pain.

I stayed as strong as I could,

But I couldn’t take the crap anymore.

The emotions drown me.

I’m sinking deeper and deeper

And once I hit the bottom

I finally allow one little cut.

But it doesn’t end with one.

A second cut appears,

then a third. 

The pain has been subsided,

but it won’t stay like that forever.

I know that sooner or later,

I’ll start to drown again.

I'll sink deeper and deeper.

And once I hit the bottom,

I’ll allow one little cut.

But, it won't stop there.


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