Chapter 1 of New England Street

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a bit like coronation street in a series-series 1

BEEP BEEP! I woke up from my bed and switched off my alarm. I went downstairs and into the kitchen. Yum... the smell of toast. As it popped out of the toaster I grabbed it before anyone else realised and gobbled it all up. All of a sudden I heard crying from the living room. It was mum. Was it because I stole her toast? Hmm.. So I scurried into the living room and flopped on the sofa beside mum and dad. They were snuggling together. Mum was crying and dad looked worried. I could hear dad wispering in her ear ''It will all be fine,''

''What will?'' I asked. ''Tell me.''Silence. They both looked at eachother. Mum shook her head.

''ummm...'' replied dad.

''Where's Dee? I want to play with her'' I wondered. This made mum cry even more.

''Your baby sister... she has tetanus...shes in hospital''  cried dad, not able to hold back tears.

''What is that? Is it a serious disease?'' I gasped.

''Well, it means she can't open her mouth fully and she doesn't want to drink and to do with her neck muscles being stiff. The survival rate is low, so we're expecting to say goodbye to Dee.'' mum answered covering her face.

'' But she's so young, shes not even a month old! She can't die! Thats not fair!'' I ran to my room shocked. What will happen? I ran to my room gasped. BRING BRING BRING BRING! It was my cell. I grasped it with both hands. Who was it? Penny.

Me: (miserably) Hiya.

Penny:(normally) Well you don't seem too happy, Zoe. Whats up?

Me: My sister...

Penny:(confused) What? What do you mean?

Me: She's got a disease called tetanus. And its very unlikely she'll survive so... she will probably die.

Penny:(shocked) Oh my gosh! Awww I feel so sorry for her. Shes not even a month yet, is she?


Penny: You need to come shopping. Come on over, I'll buy you a nice mascara and you won't have to pay a penny for it! B'cause im Penyy and I spend the pennys.

Me:Thats lame, but thanks you're great. I guess it wont fix things, but I guess it will make me feel less depressed. Anywayy, See yooh laterr, luvv yahh.

Penny: Bye, luvv yah!

I changed into my casual clothes and went into the livingroom to tell mum and dad I was going.

When I entered the living room things looked worse. Mum was crying harder. Dad was hanging the phone up with watering eyes as if he had just rubbed raw onion all over his eyes.

''Whats up?'' I casually said.

''She's gone, so young my little sweetheart, what did she do to deserve to die like this? My baby girl...'' shrieked dad.

I gasped. It made me heartbroken to think I'd never see her again. It was like she'd been with me forever. I was so sorry.

''O-k-k-k-kk-aa-yy. I'm going shopping then. love you bye.'' I started to cry as I was saying it. Thaey just nodded. I think they were lost for words. I ran to Penny's house. When I got there she sceamed when she saw me.

''You have mascara running down your face! What happened. Is she ... gone?'' Penny yelled at me. I nodded.


Submitted: May 15, 2010

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