The Unknown Beast

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a monster comes to town.

Submitted: May 12, 2010

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Submitted: May 12, 2010



BOOM! A loud crash awoke Dave from his bed. He rubbed his eyes, popped on his red, checky slippers and looked out of the window. What was it? He looked over to his girlfriend, Dee to see if she was awoken. She was silent and still. Dave quickly scampered down the stairs to see if he could find his glasses. They were lying on the arm of the cream deluxe sofa. He picked them up and ran back up the stairs ready to go back to bed.

As he walked along the landing, he heard a scream. It was Dee! He frantically dashed to the door. He turned the handle.  What was it? There was a massive creature lying over Dee's legs. It was large and green with slimy skin. It was like a giant slug!

'help me, Dave, help!' cried Dee helplessly trying to get this animal away from her. Dave panicked. He pushed and shoved constantly, but it wan't doing anything. He was staring to sweat. He couldn't think of anything more to do. He grabbed the phone. As he started typing the numbers 911 the slugs back-end extended and wrapped around Dave, bringing him away from the phone.

'My work here is done,' laughed the slug. It left Dave on the floor, startled. He stood up, darting to the bed where Dee lay.The creature left through the door.

She was all fine, except she was a bit disturbed.

Two months passed. Dave and Dee were still startled about the tradgedy with the green creature. She found out she was pregnant.

'whoa,' gasped Dave.  'I'm sure you are having an affair!' Dee claimed she hasn't, but Dave disagrees.

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