The Progressives

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In this story you follow a world in which after scientist discovered how to artificially impregnate women the females waged war against the men and left the earth in a scattered heep of denial and warped triumph.

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



?The Progressives?

For those who can see, are we truly blind? Do we live in an impossibly primative world un-seen, and unknown by the common primates we call man. This idea wasn't as evident in peoples minds or prominent for that matter before the war, but now, in this time of desiolate desperation it's as easy to see as a lone match in a darkened room. This is all just an unfortunate bought of irony brought around by the worlds greatest scientific minds saying "The evolution of creation will bring about the rise of the new age": to bad they were men.........

But with this sincere expression of my most inner thoughts it's almost time for my personal departure, but before I take that leap we will first unfold the events that kicked off, The Progressive Movement.

*This is just the intro to the book, please comment about what you think so far, Thanks 

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