The Sigma Signature

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This is a preview of a book that is coming soon. Its about the conspiracies of the Bermuda Triangle and the surround mysteries. Hope you enjoy this small excerpt. Leave in the comments names that you would like to see in this book.

Submitted: July 20, 2015

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Submitted: July 20, 2015



 “The Sigma Signature”, by Angel Alejandre

The ship was getting in full motion as it made its way to the Triangle. The speed was brisk, but not capable of making the full trip in flight. Maverick was in awe that the Marine Sulphur Queen was in shape of hovering high in the air. This ship that once was eaten by the mysteries of the seas over 100 years ago, was now flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The shell of the ship was corroded and the smell of wet metal tinged Maverick’s nostrils. The iron beams inside of the hull was rusting and creaking, like the bones in an elderly person. The hull was cleaned out and empty. It was barren and every movement echoed inside of his head.  There was nothing only large photosynthesizing motors inside, that hummed without a sound.

These machines were hooked up to the panels on the deck of the old ship. The panels took up sunlight and converted that sunlight into energy. It was genetically modified to act like a plant. Maverick opened up a cover and looked in disgust at the green ooze inside. Raw energy. He knew that even just a drop of this essence could run all of Manhattan for several years. He closed the lid with a dull thud. He kept looking at all the motors. To him they did seem too big to be allowed on the market. All seemed to be manufactured by the same company, and he knew exactly who runs that company. The calm echo of footsteps softly paced behind him. Maverick smiled, and whirled around. “Hello… Dane.”

Behind Maverick was his former friend, Dane Matthews. (The CEO Manager of one of the greatest companies in the world.) Dane wasn’t in the greatest shape now. His once perfected auburn hair was disarrayed and slightly singed. His best beige suit was riddled with bullet holes and burn marks galore. It was ripped and torn to pieces. One of his eyes was blotched and the iris was a dull gray and lacked movement. His other eye was left fine but alone without its sibling to be in the world. A dribble of blood leaked out of the corner of his mouth. Dried and cracked, it had this dark red color that stood out on his pale, sickly skin. He was a complete wreck from the fall that he took from the explosion of the Sylvia L Ossa. He still has kept his cool and calm feature. The intimidating aura that surrounded him was still present and resonated throughout the ship.

“Why, hello yourself, Maverick. I’m surprised to see the likes of you here on the mighty Marine Sulphur Queen. I thought you would have given up after you nearly died on the Scorpion” stated Dane.

“It’s only by chance. I am not surprised that you survived the destruction of your ship. It’s very typical of you to somehow survive. Tell me. What is your secret? How do you manage to stay alive?” replied Maverick.

“Well, I am glad you asked. It’s a little thing called revenge. The sweet sensation of giving a taste of your feelings to others is simply delightful. The pure pain and the torture of your enemies, the joy and happiness that fills you as you release all that hate that has been built up. The pure essences of agony is just so life fulfilling. I feed on the despair and the lost hopes that others feel. The fact that you haven’t experience much of that makes me full of hatred towards you, and I am waiting for the chance to destroy you until not even a memory of you is left” rasped Dane.

Dane pulled out this controller out of his vest pocket. He grimaced and with an evil glint in his eye he said “And my chance to destroy you is now.”

He plunked his finger on cherry red button and then he slowly backed into the shadows and disappeared. All of the machines then began to quiver with anxiety and then like as if a magnet was in the middle of the room, a lot of the metal parts were released, and revealed the real motors inside. The metal pieces accumulated in the middle of the hull. Each piece acted like it had a mind of its own. They knitted and clicked itself all together. Maverick pulled out his sonic gun. He proceeded to shoot several rounds of sonic waves at it. It really didn’t affect it all because the waves bounced off its seemingly impenetrable armor. The mechanism was fully assembled. Maverick gasped. It was the dreaded F.E.A.R. The Far-Ranged Endless Annihilating Redeemer, a prototype created by Dane’s company and on the shell like armor was the infamous Sigma emblem.

?. The symbol on the once missing ships that has reappeared this past month. The machines, the weapons, the armors, the destroyed towns and cities. The sign that has terrorized the world, the insignia of death, fear, and destruction. Maverick was shocked. How could the Sigma Society have gotten of hold of the F.E.A.R? Now he has no more time to think. The machine was logging in and the device was activating more and more data by the minute. He dashed to the computer to log himself into the database to hack in. He grabbed the keyboard but was shocked by an ultra-sonic electric emulsifier. The zap tossed Maverick like a rag doll across the boat.

Whirr. The machine was now fully logged into and then menacing mechanical fire arm whirred itself into place. It loaded standard BV bullets. Inside the bullets are two different compartments. One holds bleach, and the other vinegar. On impact, the bullet itself then gets shattered and the chemical reaction releases this chloride gas. It’s very indigenous but rather effective for it causes severe burns inside the lungs. The contraption loaded its thermal vision and it caught the sight of Maverick. It locked on sight and fired.

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