Haunting Horror

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Submitted: January 06, 2019

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Submitted: January 06, 2019



“It’s been a month since the last time this happened. I can’t believe-.” A fog clouded the room. “GET DOWN! MOVE! MOVE!” Here I was, lying in wait. As I peeked across the sofa I had been crushed underneath for years, I could see a SWAT team pointing their flashlights and weapons at every corner of the room, every corner but mine. To them, I was invisible. And once again, all I could do was lie in wait as the next guests decided to move into my abandoned hotel room. A crying baby was lying in the burning crib to my right. Luckily, the parents called for help just in time before I could disconnect the lines. But who was I? It wouldn’t matter. My time had long past. I was a ghost of my former self.

It all started around 3am. I was minding my own business and taking a gander at the world. As I levitated across the main room’s floor, I could see light rain and hear a few sirens. “Another accident, May?” asked one of my roommates. I call these people roommates now. I had finally gotten use to not being alone. But still, having them here only saddened my soul and brought about a rage that no other could put out. It was a young couple, happily married. Jason and May had just had their first daughter. I don’t recall her name because I try not to change the fates of newborns. If you hadn’t known, humans were born with a sixth sense at their early ages of life. But only the pure could retain these paranormal abilities. Usually once they sinned their first time, their sixth sense would no longer be.

“Another accident, May?” May looked back at Jason with a worried expression on her face. She was holding their child in her arms and caressing her gently. “Please don’t speak that way around her. I don’t want her to have any more nightmares.” I was growing bored of this idle chat and decided to spark a flame. To my surprise, I had grown stronger. I was just a poltergeist. I couldn’t figure out what caused me to be bound to this room, Room 1307. All I knew was that I had nothing better to do than to mess with those that dared to move into my resting place. As I sparked a flame on the kitchen’s stove, Jason turned in awe and stared for a minute. “Are you playing with fire again?” asked May. Another small detail you missed was that Jason was a smoker. I could easily have him take the blame for my doings.

Jason rolled off of the sofa that the two had been lying on this morning and slipped on a pair of slides. Once his vision cleared a bit, he limped to the kitchen where he could smell the scent of gasoline. “You left the stove on again!?” he yelled in anguish. May had her earphone in and payed him no mind. So I decided to go a little further with my shenanigans. Maybe I could cause a dispute sooner rather than later. I played around with her earphones and caused static until she unplugged one ear. Finally, she could hear her beloved’s voice. I turned on the radio and watched the couple freeze movement then look around with suspicion. Jason recklessly abandoned the lit stove and rushed to where the radio turned on from, the bathroom. Before peeking in, he asked “Is anyone here?” He had brought a knife from the kitchen with him, but that wouldn’t do much since I was responsible.

I then shut off the radio to further amuse myself with their fears. To my shock, the baby had awakened and spotted me floating back into the main room where May was freaking out at. I couldn’t miss this opportunity but doing this wasn’t what I recommended. Nobody wanted to hear the sound of a crying baby, and my appearance was enough to startle any grown adult. Jason rushed the empty bathroom as May did her best to comfort the kid whose eyes never left my location. I became irritated and my powers are stronger when I’m enraged. I accidentally caused the stove to explode with flames as I tried blocking out the baby’s voice from my ears. “Ah! Jason!” exclaimed May. Jason ran back into the main room from the bathroom mumbling “Was it just my imagination?” He looked up to see flames and called the police. “Hello. This is an emergency.” I didn’t need this to happen today. It was the third time this week.

May fell to the floor, dropping the kid. Luckily Jason wasn’t looking, otherwise I may have been figured out. I used my powers to levitate the falling kid into the nearby crib. “What a catch.” I realized that the other two could hear me. May looked around as if she heard a ghost. “Who said that?” she asked openly. Jason was still on the phone and payed May no mind. Just then, the flames reached the door and smoke began covering up everything. May and Jason inhaled too much of the smoke and fainted onto the floor. “It’s been a month since the last time this happened.” I mumbled to myself as I sighed. My powers created small invisible force fields to protect the family from the pollution. “I can’t believe that I messed up again.” Now I was just thinking aloud and being lonely. “I should be nicer to my roommates.” I smirked at the two adults but quickly frowned shortly after. The baby was still whining and there was nothing I could do about it. Killing their daughter would be wrong of me.

I heard footsteps rapidly stomping outside the door. A couple bangs were sounded before men in swat vests and gas masks raided the room. A fog spread through the room and hovered above everything. “GET DOWN! MOVE MOVE!” sounded one of the men. They all ducked as the stove exploded and flew bits of pieces throughout the room. “Someone grab the kid! The rest of you get that man and woman that’s lying dead on the floor!” I watched them shine their flashlights through the dimmed room. One man mumbled loudly, “How many more times do we have to come here!? Someone just evict them!” Another man responded with “That’s not your call to make. Just do your job!” Everyone was carried out of the building and into an ambulance vehicle. Thanks to my powers, the alarm didn’t go off and by the time the baby had gone, I fixed everything back to how it was. The manager came into the room shortly after and was puzzled. He asked, “What did I miss this time?” I responded with, “Are you sure it’s fine that a poltergeist rooms with your newest visitors? The manager smiled back at me and said, “Well with me being a psychic and every other room being haunted with creatures worse than you, I don’t mind. And you’re pretty generous. Under normal conditions I wouldn’t have let those three go. You do understand that there will be consequences for what you’ve done?” The manager gave me a devil’s look and a chill rushed down my spine.

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