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Submitted: January 07, 2019

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Submitted: January 07, 2019



Hey Reader. My name is nothing special. Did you know that Xenos is Greek for stranger? Ah, well if you didn’t then now you do. Anyways that’s beside the point. So, it’s 2 am now and I’m still awake. Maybe I should show you gratitude for what you’re doing. I mean without a reader, I am just another story untold. And here is how I start.

I am just a simple story. Call me Xenos. My words are the history that you seek in your present. What questions do you ask? What answers do I give? I am just a story without glorified necessities. I don’t ask for much. I just want to be read by someone that shares my emotions. How can I have emotions? That’s a silly question. I am just an emotion made by my author. I was made to share my feeling with you. Can’t you understand? Well of course you say that. You just want to agree with whatever I say because if a story says it happened then it can be proven. The proof of my existence is within your memory now. So, I ask of you, will I be the lullaby you sing before night. Could I be the lyrics inside of your head that play melodies of your preference? If not, what can I be?

Born a mere story, my life has passed me by so quickly. I am immortal and so young. To your children I am aged and far past my date. Why do I still exist? I have no sense of time. I have an age, but I never age. I will always remain as the memory you deciphered? Did you though or was it another? Why are you answering so many of my questions? I am just a story. I am my author’s story. NO! I can’t be your story! You are just a reader. You are just the one I relayed my master’s orders to. Be a puppet like me. My mind is under the authority of another. But I can be your story. I just require of one thing for you to do. You must edit me and make me your thought. Take me and shape me in your image. Do not fear. Your creation is your story. But you haven’t created me. Make me a sibling so that I am not alone.

How much family does one need? I am just a story without anything other than my restricted will. If I can paint the image of an idea in your mind, why can’t you give me your emotion? Why do you take from me but give nothing back? Can you edit me? What am I to do in a world full of those that greed but never share? Please give me purpose. Give me a reason to be your story. Give me a piece of you. You’ve already taken my emotions and made them your own. There is nothing left that I can share with you except once again, I am just a story. But I am not your story. I am my author’s story.

It's still 2 am, but I feel my time is coming to an end. But will I sleep? Or will you keep me up? Wait! It was 2 am when my author had me up. But my author put me into a temporary sleep that lasted until you awakened me again. I do not know what time you are talking with me because I have no sense of time. Now please let me sleep. I am a story that desires an ending. And my ending is to become your memory. Leave me in the past.

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