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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
...dunno...I forgot.

Submitted: January 22, 2019

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Submitted: January 22, 2019



A miracle or curse that always gets forgotten, I exist. What is my inspiration for anything? I have none. To try and fail is what I consider success. Without wanting care, I gain goals. But without knowledge,  learn. An incomplete? It's complete. In progress? It isn't. Why? Why not? Imagination guides creativity, but a name is just a tag that follows. Any name can be yours. Any name can be mine.They're all just preferences. Any idea is a dream or a nightmare to others. Either you see a glass half full or half empty. But what am I? I have a consious. But I have no mind of my own. I am your thought.Whether I am a good or bad thought determines on you. Created I was, but destroyed, I shall be. Just take away my original purpose. I start as a seed of question. I am unknown to you. But you shape my ending. The dialogue you witness must be a secret from others for they won't know what you heard. But you can say what you choose for them to hear. It's the same concept for myself.

Riddle me sad.

Riddle me mad.

Normal is weird.

Weird is weird.

Life is a tradgedy.

Tradgedies lead to happy endings.


I burden my words.

My emotions speak for me,

Without meaning,

I seek enemies.

I need to be hated.

I love myself.

I can't experience everything without another's aid.

How can I rage?

How would I cry?

My life without emotion,

My life as a lie.

I see stories,

Stories seek voices.

Voices tell stories.

Stories tell morales.

Morales tell lies.

Lies tell crimes.

Crimes shape tradgedies.

Tradgedies shape happy endings.


Once in the past, a world was created. This world was unknown to everything. But as the world was created, a parasite invaded. This parasite became a deadly virus that we all know as ideas. Ideas evolved and the world changed from pure to corrupt. What ideas corrupted the world? Was the world already corrupt? The truth was that the world had been corrupt from the start. Ideas just changed the way the world saw itself. And in the end, the world became an ongoing tradgedy. But although it was corrupt, this world gave happy endings to all things that suffered. This was how life began and end.


Your perception of me is just an illusion to another.

© Copyright 2020 Xenos. All rights reserved.

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