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Katrina, Marion, Prince, and Fleana star in a rap video to get home.

Submitted: December 15, 2015

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Submitted: December 15, 2015





The car skidded on the road as Prince hit the brakes with all his might. Luckily, we stopped before the wheels could fall off again. It looked like we were back home, sort of. The buildings were all modern and we were on an actual road, but instead of our small country town, we landed in a suburb near an ocean. I noticed a guy in a tank top and flip flops washing his car as if a rusty car blasting through some wormhole was a normal occurrence. He had his stereo on playing some catchy song.

“Great Scott!” Fleana shouted.

“Are we home, bro?” Marion asked Prince.

“Is there a hospital nearby?” I legitimately asked.

Prince tapped the gas meter and hummed. “Nope. Four years short. But that’s not our biggest problem.”

I aimed my finger at him. “There better not be another problem. Or I’ll swear to--”

“Oh, no!” Fleana grabbed my finger. “Save your energy.”

“Alright then, what’s the problem, doc?” Marion asked.

Prince looked pleased at the name, but his smile quickly turned into a straight line. “We don’t have enough gigawatts for another trip.”


“Gigawatts. A unit of energy, but what I’m talking about is a particular type of energy, unlike normal electricity these gigawatts are generated by music.”

I shoved my fist at his stomach. “Why would you build that in?!”

“To keep it from being stolen at the junkyard.”

“Well, that makes sense.” Fleana defended.

“No, it doesn’t!” I countered.

Prince straightened his back. “Either case, where am I going to find enough gigawatts to get home?”

“Great Scott!” Fleana screamed again.

“Oh, would you stop saying that?” I clutched my head.

Fleana ignored me and strolled over to the guy in the tank top. “Do you know where we are?”

“Lost Angles, Cali.” He answered.

“Can you turn that up?”

He hit a button on his remote, and the volume went up.

Jiggle that, Jiggle this.” The stereo blared.

“I know that artist. Jay something, May something, Play something…” Fleana wondered.

“It’s Ray J.” The man told her.

“That’s who it is!”

“Well, in any case, it sounds like he has the gigawatts we need.” Marion stated.

“Yeah, but will it be enough?” Prince wondered.

“Are you kidding?” Fleana quizzically raised an eyebrow. “These beats will turbo charge that thing for months. Listen to that bass, that treble.”

“I forgot that you were a music buff--” My eyes widened. “Hey! Whoa! You guys aren’t thinking--”

“That we sneak the time machine on Ray J’s set so his music could power the time machine and send us home?”

“Oh. I thought you guys wanted an autograph to commemorate the event.”

Prince’s eyelids covered half of his eye balls. “Yeah, let’s get you to the hospital. I think the head trauma is starting to affect your thinking process.”





Katrina’s head got bandaged and she was on painkillers which had the nice side effect of knocking her out. Since we couldn’t wake her up, we decided to leave her with Fleana at the car. At the very least she would make a wicked scarecrow.

“So she’s out good, huh?” Nathan asked.

“Yep.” Prince told his brother. “Don’t know when she’s gonna come to. Let’s just hope we could find a way on set to sneak in a time machine. Perhaps as a prop maybe.”

“Yeah, about that…” Cloud wondered. “Don’t you think this plan is a little, what’s the word, more complicated than it needs to be? Isn’t there another way to get these ‘gigawatts’? You said you heard this musician on the radio. Why can’t you use that?”

“It has to be live, and unfortunately Fleana forgot to bring her guitar.”

“Only because you blasted us through time before she had the chance to bring it.” I reminded him.

“Really? Now is the time for the blame game? I thought we moved past that. How many times do I have to apologize for that?”

“Once would be nice, bro.”

“Sorry. Now let’s go.”

The only real problem was getting by the really big guys standing in front of the set. Not really a problem to get by them, but we wanted to do it legally.

“So what’s the plan here?” I whispered.

Spiky rubbed his chin, eyed the scenery wagon we were hiding behind, and the trashcan to the side of us. He pointed at the trashcan. “Light that on fire. Then while they’re distracted, we sneak in using this scenery wagon. They wouldn’t notice a thing.”

I shrugged and shot a bolt of flames at the trashcan. The flames erupted more than I wanted it to, but it was still enough to cause the guards to run off. One inside the set, and the other off to grab a fire extinguisher or something. Prince and I took our cue and rolled inside with the scenery wagon.

I tore a piece of it off and whack the guard on the head so that he plopped to the ground.

“Marion.” Cloud’s tone was serious. “You could’ve caused neurological damage to that man.”

I looked at the thrashing body. “Oh.” I smiled at Prince. “Good thing time travel doesn’t stick, huh?”

He snickered.

“Boys.” Cloud almost sounded angry.

“Oh, and the girls are saints?” Prince rebutted.

“Just get in there before I lose my temper.” Aurora warned.

We quickly skulked onto the set. The place looked awesome. The scene depicted a city with tall buildings, a moon, a clock tower, and a flagpole in the center. I guess the crew went out to lunch since nobody was there.

Prince whistled. “I wonder what the inspiration for this was.”

I clamped my hand over his mouth. “Listen.”

I heard talking coming from the hallway, in the dressing rooms. I waved Spikes in that direction, and strolled over there. I cracked the door open a few inches. Inside was an African American man talking on the phone.

“Listen, I’m telling you it’s played out,” He was saying. “What does time travel even have to do with my single…What?! How can they be sick…delayed for a month. No! Ray J don’t do delays. He puts on a show. He leaves the crowd begging for more…Oh, don’t apologize to me! Apologize to the millions of albums that won’t be sold for a whole other month!”

He hung up, and unfortunately, we had the misfortune of seeing a very famous rapper turn toward us in a very bad mood.

His eyes widened. “Who the hell are you?!”

“Um…” I stuttered.






Well, security wasn’t pleased to find us, especially when they found the throbbing body of the guard Marion beaned earlier. Karma is a female dog.

Anyway, we had a chase around the set that would kind of remind you of something you would see in a cartoon. I iced the floor, and the guard who stepped on it lost his footing and slammed into the ground. His dislocated shoulder is not something you would see in a cartoon. Well, I guess that depends on what kind of cartoon.

“Oww!” He clutched his messed up arm.

“Sorry.” I apologized.

Another security guard raised an eyebrow at me. “Are ya?”

I flitted my eyes back and forth. “No.”

And just like that the chase continued. Finally, the guards caught Marion and me and we were about to be thrown out, but then Ray J appeared out of his dressing room.

“W-whoa. Hold up.” He stopped the guards. “Are y’all trying to get me to listen to your demo?”

“Not…really.” I said.

“But you are like dancers and rappers and whatever, right?”

Marion looked at me and back at Ray J. “We could do those things.”

“Then how would you like to be in my music video?”

“Seriously?” I raised my eyebrow.

“I’m desperate.”

“Then can we bring two friends and a prop? I think I can help you with the whole, um…time travel thing.”

I jostled the girls by knocking on the window. A few cracks appeared, but that didn’t matter.

“How would you feel about being in a rap video?” I asked.


Yo, it’s the rock.” Marion recited.

I raised my hands over my head. “With the Doc!”

Giga-unraveling. You stuck in the past? Super time travelin’. Hop in. Next stop is the down low. Right, left drivin’ my D-lo. Hey, I’m movin’ so fast. You be askin’ why. I should go back in the past and love your mom your Fly’s did.”

“What?!” Fleana questioned.

“Not really Mammatus.” Katrina told her while at the same time mashing the gas to see how the time machine is charging.

A bark echoed somewhere off stage. Marion raised an eyebrow at me as we stood back to back at the flagpole. “That dog okay?”

I squinted at the creature. “It’s looks more like a guinea pig than a dog actually.”

Marion shook his head. “Girls hit me with that futuristic beats.”

Fleana, Katrina, and two other women broke into chorus. “The future’s high!”

So high.”

The future’s nigh.”

“Great Scott, y’all.” Fleana broke.

We got those jumping, jiga-gigawatts. Gigawatts! We’re higher than--”

“Two point thirty-one!” I shouted to my friends as I checked the gigawatt meter.

“That a lot?” Marion asked.

I nodded. We hopped into the car as soon as the girls had brought it around. We drove slowly toward the clock tower just as Ray J was about to take his cue.

You want the gigawatts to go forward. There’s nothing I can’t afford.” He recited. “You can skate through life, but then you’ll end up sore. You’ll hit wall and then you be in a pile of--”

I didn’t pay attention well enough. The side of the car grazed some other prop that Ray J said was from an earlier idea he rejected. When I slammed into it, a muddy substance spattered on my clothes. It reeked.

“Aw, I hate manure!” I complained.

“Ha!” My friends jeered.

I rolled my eyes. “Now! Hit it J!”

Fulfill my destiny. I give you all the gigawatts!”

I mashed the pedal and we were gone in a flash. In the split seconds that we were traveling through time and space, we finished the lyrics.

I know who’s gonna win the Hyper Bowl in 2055.” Marion recited.

We might not even be alive.” I told him.

I know our grandkids grandkids.” Katrina added.

So superficial.” Fleana finished.





“And that’s what happened.” I turned off the video after showing everyone. “Good thing I set the itablet on record.”

“How is that a good thing?” Susan snarked. “You guys are terrible rappers.”

“So we needed practice. This was done last minute y’know.”

“Plus I was recovering from head trauma.” Katrina massaged her temples.

“Well, son. I hoped you learned a lesson from this adventure.” Aurora told Prince.

“Watch out for giant prehistoric birds, don’t tick off famous pharaohs, try not to get tried with a chicken for abusing women, and bring an instrument with you in case your time machine is also powered by music?” Prince listed.

“Well, those are some good lessons. In the most unlikely scenarios ever.”

“Come on, dad. In our lives, at least one if not all of those scenarios are gonna come up again.”

“He has a point there.” Nathan agreed.

I started to rewind the itablet to watch the video again.

“By the way,” Mom began. “what did you do with the time machine?”

“It kind of broke.” I told her.


“Burnt up as soon as we landed.” Marion explained. “Well, except for the engine.”

Aurora raised an eyebrow. “And did you get rid of it?”

“Uh…” I stammered.

“Sweetie,” Mom’s eyes widened. “you didn’t just leave that thing lying around, did you?”

“I really wanted to show you this video.”

“How can any of you be so careless?” Storm had her hands on her hips.

“Well, it’s not like it could be used again,” Prince said. “without the components that thing is just a really large paperweight. Who could figure out what it’s for?”

“Give you a hint.” Caroline looked up from her phone and switched the channel to the news.

“…an unprecedented discovery by Ecosystem Corporation. A solution of unraveling the mysteries of the past that is going to put a lot archaeologists out of work. Governments are funding more than ever the organization for their many philanthropic endeavors. Now here is Chief Executive Gerald Stratus.”

The video cut to a middle aged man with a kindly twinkle in his eyes. He was clearly a figurehead. My grandmother and the rest were wanted people, but they were the real heads of Ecosystem Corporation.

The man, Gerald Stratus, cleared his throat. “Um, yes, it was quite the discovery, and we are very blessed to have stumbled upon this. The organization was sifting through some defunct files, and decided to take some different approaches on the time travel file. Fortunate that we had succeeded, or, uh, our budget would’ve taken a hit for the risk. I would like to thank the scientific community, the government, and even the military who decided to take funding away from their arms to support our future prospects.”

Yeah, like more experimenting and terrorism, I thought.

“Oh. My God.” Katrina’s jaw touched her chest.

“They ripped off my idea!” Prince incensed. “I should’ve had it patented.

Aurora smacked him on the head. “That’s not the issue here.”

“Oops.” I dropped my tone, but it didn’t stop my mom from hearing it.

“Yes, ‘oops’.” Mom’s tone had a tinge of darkness in it. “You’re in big, big trouble, young lady.”

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