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Marion gained a new ability, and have some thoughts about morality when talking to Ted, but as the police show up to apprehend Ted, he may have to make some choices of his own. Will he make the right ones?

Submitted: September 01, 2019

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Submitted: September 01, 2019




y new power manifested when Caroline came over to meet my brother the other day. She’s been coming over a lot more lately. Now Caroline didn’t need much help from me to look apathetic. With her placid look and eyeglasses that seemed like they were glued to her face, she looked like a librarian waiting for Matthew to return a book. That is until she parted her lips for my brother’s. Well, I guess that’s one way to pay a fee.

Their make out sessions were all fine at first, but now it was beginning to make me ill. I thought literally as my stomach clenched. I just wished they would give it a rest for once whenever I came to get a sandwich, and that’s when I began to feel these two pink ribbons dancing upon my consciousness. That was passion I realized. Their passion. I gripped it, and the love birds lost interest in each other’s faces and went to back to their college papers.

And that’s how I discovered my new power.” I summed up.

You mind screwed me!” Matthew flamed. “That’s it! You’re getting a flame noogie when you get home!”

And I’m shaking in my metaphorical boots.”

Caroline’s small hand flew to my brother’s neck before he could melt the itablet.

So if you could take my emotions away,” Fleana reasoned. “You think maybe I can have them back?”

I could.” I said. “But I won’t.”

Yeah, you were like exploding and stuff...” Prince added.

I’ll be fine.” She reassured.

Well, if you say so.” I dropped the shields around her mind.

Fleana’s eyes widened and she began glowing again. “Oh, dear God!”

I put the shields back up.

Katrina sneered. “Just keep it on.”

Have you been doing that to me?” Ted asked.

Yes.” I answered. Apathy does not help with impulsiveness.

Ted just refocused his eyes. I decided to let him rationalize that before I could let him have his emotions back.

Ted decided to let us know a little more about his past. His mother had his half sister aborted when he was young, and his step father never let him forget it about, thinking she did it because she didn’t want Ted to be left out. In reality, she did because she feared her illness had already reached the fetus and that the child would die as soon as she was born.

I gulped. That was a grey thing to do. I wondered if it really was worth trying to keep the child. Who knew what would have happened?

That must’ve so hard on you.” Fleana managed to express.

Katrina parted her lips, probably wondering what next to say. “I heard you had a rough time at school.”

Ted cringed, and I tried to think of a subject to change to.

We’re having a hard time too.” Fleana made a face to Katrina that read “think a little”. “It sucks.”

Kids are mean.” He muttered.

Teachers are mean too.” Prince added. I hoped Mrs. Rosethorne doesn’t read this, but I kinda laughed.

Ted agreed. “Oh, yeah. The worst was Mr. Tephra. He--”

Ted never finished his sentence. Without any of us noticing, spotlights bared down on us. The sound of stealth copters littered the sky and silent blue lights that made my vision much worse emerged from around the corners of blocks. Several men in uniforms popped out of the vehicles and trained their guns on Ted.

One of the men put a megaphone to his lips. “Ted Crust. Step away from the children and place your hands where I could see ‘em. Cooperate and we won’t have to get ugly.”

Children?” I took offense. “Warden is that you?”

Warden Tectonic gave me a belittling look. I hated that look. “Everything is going to be alright, son.”

Hey, just tell your men to stand down. This guy is cool. Plus--”

You don’t have to say things for ‘im.”

Fleana gave the warden a puzzling look and jabbed her thumb at Ted. “He’s not dangerous.

And he’s not making us say anything.” Prince defended.

I guess the warden decided he had enough talk from us, because he trained his own gun Ted. “You got to the count of three. One...”

Ted’s eyes began to turn red and tears started to roll down his face. His voice began to whimper. “Come on, I didn’t mean to.”

Two...” The warden’s gun began charging with heat.

Warden...” I channeled as best I could.


Before the trigger was pulled, Ted exploded in a wave of emotion and radiation. Fleana gripped her head and did the same thing. I acted fast. I found the two ribbons linking the two like a chain and tried to sever it. It was tougher than I thought. The chain between the two was stronger than the love between my brother and his girlfriend, not because their love was weak mind you, but Fleana’s empathic link made two chaotic emotions instead of a single one, so it took all of my energy to sever the chords, leaving the three of us heaving on the ground.

I glared at the two lumps on the ground. “Have you two had enough already?!”

The warden made a gesture with two fingers. “Place the perpetrator under arrest. Leave the children.”

A couple of his men hauled Ted onto his feet and placed handcuffs onto his wrists.

I request that you place me in a thick lead cell.” Ted pleaded.

Sure thing buddy.” One of them said.

I’m serious! I could go off at any moment.”

I noticed.”

The big, bad warden towered over the four of us, his eyes a mixture of concern and I’m guessing annoyance. “Go home.”

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