Out on the Town-

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Micah missed Zack, and he couldn't take it anymore. Based off of the song Out on the Town by FUN.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



I set all my regrets on fire

I want to go see him. Micah thought sadly. It was nearing the end of the summer, and he hadn’t seen Zack once. In fact, he hadn’t really hung out with Zack since 6th grade, before he got sick. He regretted not telling Zack the truth at first, but it’s not like he had a choice. Either way, he wouldn’t be friends with him. Still, he missed having the close friendship with him that he once did. They were only a few streets away from each other, so they had hung out every day for as long as he could remember. But he couldn’t anymore. Now it was Zack and Lex. He had been pretty close with Lex, but nothing compared to his friendship with Zack. But he couldn’t think about that anymore. He sat up in his bed, stared outside into the black night, and couldn’t take the sadness it brought him. Micah used to play manhunt under the stars with his friends… now if he went out there and the wrong person made him mad… well, it would literally be a manhunt. He sighed sadly, putting his head in his hands.

Cause I know I’ll never take the time, to unpack my missteps and call all of my friends, I figure they would take your side.

He had been a werewolf for a while now. If he really wanted to, he could go out there. Zack was out there right now, he could hear the boy, and Lex was there too, along with some other people he didn’t recognize. But he knew he wouldn’t. Too much awkwardness, and too much explaining. After he had gotten ‘miraculously healed’ by Mr. Sayles, he had barely spoken to anyone. The brunette spent most of his time doing homework, training, or staring at his ceiling, longing for the way things used to be. For friends. For Zack. Zack hated him now, anyway. He had tried to call, tried to contact him so many times after he had started getting better, but Micah couldn’t see anyone. He wasn’t in control. So Zack had written him out of his life, he assumed. The calls stopped coming. So did the looks in class. But Zack wasn’t happy, and he knew it. The boy was always in his classes, and he had friends, but not a lot. He had gone kind of crazy when Micah got sick, not wanting to hang out with anyone. He heard the teachers say that he was depressed. He hated himself for doing that to Zack, and everyone probably hated him.

I make the bed, just not that well. Your name comes up a lot, when I talk to my mom, oh I think she can tell…

Feeling rather depressed, Micah rolled out of bed, and dragged himself downstairs. His mom sat at the table, clicking on her laptop, and his dad was at work. His older sister was somewhere in New York, probably studying. College was tough, or so she said. Micah pulled out a chair and sat down at the table, making his mom jump. She smiled at him.

“How come you don’t go outside and see Zack anymore?” She asked, sadly. He shrugged.

“Nothing’s the same, Mom. He hates me.” Micah replied. Mrs. Haynes scoffed and rolled her eyes, giving him a ‘Yeah, okay.” Kind of look. Micah just sighed, getting up and going to the living room. He checked the time. 10 o’clock, more or less. Zack’s mom would be sending everyone home soon, and making Zack come inside. As if on cue, he heard Mrs. Jackson yell out to the kids. Micah could finally go. He popped up, kissing his mom goodnight, and went upstairs, waiting. Straining to hear the shower that Zack took every night, then listening to him sit on his bed with his laptop. His mom came in, told him goodnight, and took the laptop away. Micah pulled on his sneakers and his jacket, pulled open his window, and jumped out, landing firmly on his feet. Just like clockwork.

I was out on the town, so I came to your window last night. I tried not to throw stones, but I wanted to come inside…

Micah used his werewolf speed to run swiftly to Zack’s, without making a noise. He scaled the siding of the house, and sat on the piece of the roof that just to happened to be right outside Zack’s window. He looked inside, and saw Zack contently laying down, eyes closed. He listened to the steady beat of his heart. Every night he did this, he just felt the overwhelming urge to keep his ex-best friend safe. He felt Zack’s sadness every night, although he didn’t know what it was from. That’s what sucked about being a wolf. You knew how someone felt, you just didn’t know why. He thought about school, and how he almost never saw Zack smile. He wished he could go into that room and talk to Zack, ask him why he was so upset. But, as usual, he kept quiet, and went to sleep. His senses would wake him up as soon as anyone moved. Some would say that’s a good thing about being a werewolf, but he wouldn’t have to use his senses if he wasn’t one.

Now I’m causing a scene, thinking you need a reason to smile. Oh no, what have I done? There’s no one to keep me warm.

The next day at school, Zack looked shattered. His hair was ruffled, his eyes were purple from tiredness. Micah knew. Zack stayed up the entire night crying. He had started doing that rather often. Yes, Micah knew what he did, but not why. During class, he focused his senses on Zack, and he felt the boy feeling utter sadness. It didn’t help when the kids in class made fun of him even more than usual. But then it happened. Gym class.

Zack had developed asthma within the past few years. He had trouble running, or doing most excersises. Not that he was fat. He was actually made fun of because he was so tall and scrawny. Poor Zack was made fun of for everything. Today was the big day in gym class. They were running a mile. Micah listened to the tall boy’s increased heart rate and heavy breathing as he jogged along the track. After 2 laps, the boy sounded close to death, or something. He heard Zack stop in front of the teacher, say something about his breathing, and the gym teacher excused him. This happened a lot, but it wasn’t Zack’s fault. None of this was. Zack sat down under a tree, drinking water, and taking a few puffs from his inhaler. But that was when Calli Bayne came along kneeling in front of him.

“Poor Zack, can’t even walk without hurting his dork muscles.” She said, smiling in his face. “Maybe if you got off of your computer and like, went into nature…” She went on and on, and Micah’s heart rate shot up, and he began to run faster. He ran until he got to where Calli and Zack were, tapping the blonde haired girl on the shoulder.

“Problem?” She asked, before turning around and looking shocked. “Oh my GOD, Micah Haynes… is that you? Showing emotion? Is that… anger?” She said, her voice filed with amusement.

“Why don’t you take your little Barbie ass and start running, before I give you a reason to.” Micah growled. He felt sick being this close to a vampire, her sweet smell making him want to vomit. Neither supernatural creature dared to speak of each other in a way that could give themselves away, seeing as Zack was right there. She just smiled and ran off towards her other vampire friends.

“Thanks.” Zack said. “But you didn’t need to do that. She’ll cause a scene and get us all in trouble.”

“Totally worth it.” Micah said, a hint of a smile on his lips. “I’m gonna… go.. run.” He said awkwardly.

“Have fun with that.” He said, and Micah turned, getting back on track before he was noticed.

“Little Barbie ass…” he heard Zack whisper. “Just when I thought he lost his sense of humor…” And he knew, just by his tone of voice, that he had just made Zack Jackson smile. Which made the emotionless Micah Haynes smile, too. But he knew Zack still wasn’t his friend. And that made him put the mask back on. Micah still had no one.

So maybe I should put out the fire, call them back and borrow a box knife. So I can learn to live with all the stupid shit I've been doing since '99…

When he went home that day, he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he should just go talk to everyone. Not tell them the truth, but just talk. Tell them how much he missed them, skateboard with Lex, watch stupid movies with Zack, whatever. Maybe he could learn to have friends and be a werewolf. He could stop regretting, talk to people, be happy. Live somewhat normally.

But he knew that would never happen.

And I know I could be more clever, and I know I could be more strong. But I'm waiting for the day you'll come back and say "Hey, maybe I should change my mind"

He went back to Zack’s that night. Earlier than usual. As soon as he heard the shower going, actually. And he climbed right through the window. It was Friday night, his parents were in New York for their anniversary (he had ‘overheard them’ telling Zack), and he couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to talk. Micah really shouldn’t have. He should’ve been smart and held on until it was daytime, and Zack wouldn’t walk into Micah sitting on his bed. Because that was kind of creepy. But he wanted it to happen today. He wanted Zack to be his friend again. Zack’s reaction was a bit better than he expected. Micah was looking at the posters on his wall, when Zack walked in, a towel hung around his lower half. He walked in, screamed, took a deep breath, and walked back out. A few seconds later, he walked in, went to his dresser slowly, got clothes, and walked out again, not taking his eyes off of Micah, looking kind of scared. After a few minutes, Zack slowly opened the door, now wearing clothes, thankfully, his hair dripping wet.

“Okay… what are you doing here… and how’d you get up here, I’m on the second floor?” Zack asked.

I was out on the town, so I came to your window last night. I tried not to throw stones, but I wanted to come inside…

“Uh… I climbed… and stuff.” Micah said. “And I’m here because… well I don’t know… I guess I just miss… friends.”

Zack raised an eyebrow. “Still awkward after like, 2 years…” He said, taking a seat next to Micah. “Dude, what happened… you were sick, then you weren’t… then you like, disappeared…” Micah shrugged.

“I can’t really tell you… medical information, you know?” He lied.

“You’re lying.” Zack said. Shit.

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