Trip to Remember

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A fun camping trip for three best friends to Yosemite National Park!

Submitted: April 19, 2009

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Submitted: April 19, 2009



A few weeks ago, Jen thought it would be wonderful to go camping with her two best friends. Whoops, Jenny thought, Jessica always wants a quiet, peaceful trip. On the other hand, Jaime loved wild, crazy trips. Jen decided to call Jaimi first.
Jami answered the phone, “Hello? Hey, Jen. What’s up?”
“Nothing, you?” replied Jen. “Hey, Jami. How does a camping-“Jen was cut off by Jami.
“I’d love to go camping!! Oh darn it! I forgot about….Jessica.” “This is a sarcastic comment. No fun will be in the trip. Oh, Jessica will go alright, she’ll just want to classify animal droppings and certain birds,” Jen said, giggling.
“You’re so right. That’s exactly what she’ll want to do. Sometimes she can be such a humongous worry-wart,” Jami retaliated. “I wish lots of luck, Jen,” Jami said as she hung up. Jen clutched her sequined baby blue phone in her hand. Her little bells that hung off her antenna tinkled together making a merry sound. She clutched on the phone tightly as she swung her right leg over the coffee table. She tripped and landed sprawled out on her couch, red-brown hair in her face.She sighed and dialed Jessica’s number. She begged Jessica and convinced her to PLEASE come. Jessica finally agreed. Jen said to her self, “They better start packing. This will be a trip they’ll never forget.”
The three girls arrived at their campsite in Yosemite National Park, Yosemite, California. Jami scampered over Jen’s hiking shoes and tumbled out head over heels out of the car. “Oh my gosh!! Are you okay?!?!?!?!” inquired Jen. Jami tilted her face upward to Jen her face as red as a tomato from laughing. Jess (Jessica) turned around, grabbed her knapsack, and scouted through her bag for her camera. Jess grasped her camera and slid out of the car. She had Jen and Jami stand in the mountainous scenery and snapped several pictures of the background and the other two girls. They loved Yosemite’s campsites. They were so beautiful.
After sleeping for the night, Jen wondered what to make for breakfast. An idea popped to mind. Jen pulled on her fleece sweater over her t-shirt and then zipped up her hiking vest over the sweater.She grabbed seven small containers and a water bottle from her bag. Jen came across a ripe blueberry bush. Jen pulled out the containers and started picking the berries off the bush. Later, Jen slipped into the tent and began starting to cook, after taking out some cooking utensils and baking stuff. Jen poured some of the berries into a strainer and stretched over to the table for the water bottle. Jen grasped the water bottle and leaned back to where she was standing. She poured them into the batter. She was whisking everything together as Jess walked in, yawning.Jen poured the mix onto the griddle and watched the mixture sizzle.
“What going on?” Jess said sleepily, she was so tired she didn’t speak correctly.
“Breakfast, sleepyhead, breakfast. Hungry at all?” Jen asked. Jess nodded. Jami walked in and plopped across from Jess. Hallelujah, Jen thought, pancakes are ready.
She was putting the pancakes onto plates when Jami said out of the blue, “Let’s go fishing.” Jen swung around with her red-brown swinging wildly. Jess slumped onto the table with her long black hair complimenting it. “Come on Jess! You got to come!” Jami exclaimed. Jess refused to go. “Jess! Repeat after me, Jami said, “I, Jessica Marie Parker, will have fun on this trip and not read for the whole trip.” Unwillingly, Jess repeated Jami. “Jen slid their pancakes on the table and the two girls lifted their eating utensils and began to start eating. They all gobbled up their pancakes and began packing for fishing.
“I’m jumping in the lake. Anyone care to join?” Jen declared. Jess shrunk behind Jami. Jen shrugged her coat of revealing her pink and black bathing suit. Jen told Jami and Jess, "Step aside ladies, and watch my perfect cannon ball!" Jen took 4 huge steps backward. Then she ran and leaped into the water. Jen landed in the water standing up perfectly. Her knees bent ever so slightly. Jen began to sink, not at all was Jen sinking. Jess uttered a small shriek and jumped towards her knapsack and started scrambling through her bag for a rope. Jen and Jami began laughing really hard. Jess realized the water wasn’t that deep and Jen was just bending her knees and splashing around. Jess flipped around and stomped away to the shade of a tree, angrily.
Jen and Jess were splashing around in the water. Jen had taught Jess how to swim and some floats. Around an hour later, they were out of the water and were lying on the dock drying off when Jami finished her fishing and told the girls she was ready to go. They left the dock and strolled back to the campsite. Jen and Jess were setting up a fire when they heard a news report from their radio.
Jen turned up the volume, “We have a few reports of an animal sighting,” a woman said,” Nobody knows what kind of animal it is so be aware, campers of Yosemite.” Jami walked into the campsite at the last part of the report with the water buckets. All the three girls began to worry, even Jami.
Jami’s catch consisted of trout, salmon, and catfish. They girls cooked the fish and ate it. The girls were washing the “dishes” when Jami heard a strange noise in the trees. The girls dropped the dishes gently into the buckets. The girls stood up and huddled close together. They backed up far from their buckets. A blur of white flew through the trees and landed on the bucket the girls had been using. It was a white owl! The girls had freaked out over nothing. They laughed at the fact.As they drove home they wondered what they would do for their next trip.
“What about the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History? They have the Hope Diamond,” Jess said hopefully. Jami stuck her tongue out.
“How ‘bout Disneyland? You can learn a little bit in Disneyland but have fun at the same time,” Jen said. Jami and Jess nodded yes. The girls planned, went, and tons of fun in their trip. Then they planned for their next trip.

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