Bae Rae - A Fairy's Tale

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Evil has taken over fairyville and only one fairy, Bae Rae, has the power to change it. But can and will she?

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



RIOT Attempt

It was hard to swallow. Before her was all of fairyville, watching and waiting for her to shoot lightning out of a kritz- a  cross-bow like weapon. The target - was a swiveling barrel, half a mile away.  Her name rang through the clouditorium.

“BAE”, “BAE”.

The cold morning frost and the rowdy audience made it harder for her to focus.  Fairy leader finals were always held in spring. She hated spring.

“I can do this.  I was born to do this,” she convinced herself.

Rows and rows of fairies above her filled the clouditorium. Nowhere on earth was a stadium that matched its capacity. It was five times the size of Michigan stadium.

Clouds above faded in and out with luminous messages from the events advertisers. Messages like:

‘Everthere – when you need heavy cloud cover’

‘Cloudfree – for cloudless skies’

‘Skysafe – securing the skies all the time’

Along the competing platform stage were magnificent sculptures fifteen feet high. Even the tallest fairy in fairyville, who was four inches tall, Vrumpet was his name, looked like an ant next to them. The statues stood in their triumphant like poses glowering at Bae.

“Glare all you want I’ll beat all your scores,” she said.

Her silver wings fluttered swiftly lifting her off the white marble ground. She waved to the crowd all around.

“I won’t let you down,” she said, even though the crowd could not hear her.


She landed in front of a game official. A chubby fairy with bronze wings and receding green hair.

“No crossing the red line. No false starts or triggers - that’s a disqualification. If you hit the lightning barrel correctly it will fill and slant upwards.”

“I know,” said Bae.

If you miss, the barrel explodes, again a disqualification. There are three lightning fairies standing by in case anything goes wrong. Got it?”

“I got it the day I was born,” replied Bae, feeling offended at the lengthy explanation on how the competition worked. Something she knew she’d win all her life.

A trumpet sounded, drums began to pound slowly then rapidly. Light clouds were shoved on the platform stage between Bae and the target.

“These are my obstacles?” she chuckled. “Do they know who they’re dealing with, please!”

But as Bae prepared to shoot, the clouds began to gather and thicken.

Clouds and watery eyes now fogged and blurred her vision. She wiped her face on her red flaik – a shoulder-like pad. This was her only chance to finally become fairy leader of the eastern sky. One chance and one shot to fill the barrel would prove it.

For the first time in fairyville history, corrupt leaders of the skies would rule no more. Bae had a chance at being part of that change. And only the best fairies at handling lightning were able to compete.

“Ziken must go,” she whispered, as she flapped her wings twice.

A strong breeze fingered through her bronze wavy hair lifting it then dropping it on her mid back. She leaned her head back and took a long deep breath, something she always did before shooting.

Her hazel eyes narrowed. As she exhaled slowly, she readjusted the rod. Tightened her grip and pulled back the bow until she felt her jaw lock. Then let go.

The bolt missed the barrel. It flashed straight past the official blasting him horizontally. Then burst between two barrel holder fairies. The barrels exploded, sending the fairies skyward.

Bae saw fairies flying in all directions trying to either find safety. Some unlucky fairies in the VIP stalls could not exi. The doors were locked, they were trapped. Others in the lower circle where most fairy laborers were designated stampeded. Few fairy's wings were trampled on and torn in the stampede.

Screams of fear pierced through the clouditorium as the bolt headed straight for the south gate audience like a sniper’s bullet drawn to its victim. Bae froze. Her knees wobbled. The clouditorium began to spin round her.

The last thing Bae saw were two lightning fighter fairies chasing the bolt, then darkness.


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