Im Here

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I'll always be waiting,
I'll always be with with you,
I'm here and I'll alway will be.

Submitted: April 20, 2008

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Submitted: April 20, 2008



Everyday I was visited by you,Kind One.
Everyday I followed you home.
You patted my fuzzy black head; you said how cute I was.
You told me everything about yourself.
I listened to everything.
You told me about the lilies in your garden,
You told me about your dead papa,
You told me about your swing set.
You told me about your angry mother.

Everyday, I told you everything about my life.
Everyday, you would listen.
I told you about how I never knew my mother,
I told you how the grass feels nice on my back,
I told you how cold the rain feels,
I told you how the wildflowers smell on a summer day.

One day, you didn't come to tell me about your lilies, your papa, your swing set, or your angry mother.
So, I waited.
Flashing red lights blinded me as a white car screamed down the road.
I smelled you in the air,
and I let a sad cry come from the deepest part of my heart and soul.

I was the only one at your funeral who really cared, Kind One,
And I stayed long after you were buried,
I stayed after the grass grew back,
I stayed after the flowers wilted,
I stayed after the trees lost their leaves,
I stayed until I could see you again, Kind one.
I wanted you to talk to me again.
I wanted you to love me again.

Soon I grew old waiting for you.
I never stopped waiting for you.
But it's alright now, Kind One,
Because I'm here with you now,
and we can talk again,

About the lilies in your garden,
About how the grass feels on my back,
About your swing set,
And about how the wildflowers smell on a summer day.
We can talk forever, Kind One,
With no angry mother, cold rain, dead papa, or wilting flowers.
We can be together forever, Kind One,

Just you and me,

Just a girl and her dog.

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