To See Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young girl finds herself trapped in an unusual and horrid situation. She is trapped under the iron fist of a cruel and insane man. but finally after enough suffering she finds her unusual way to freedom.

Submitted: March 29, 2014

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Submitted: March 29, 2014



Everything was cold and empty, but mostly dark. The room was small and covered in stone that could be brick but, there was no way to tell. The mattress I layed on was hard and uncomfortable, but it was the warmest place in the room. The only other time it was warm is when the sun would rise just enough to shine through the bared window, and I would feel the wall over to stand in its rays and feel the warm light against my skin. But then the sun moves on, and I’m left in my cold cell again, alone.

I was 14 when He brought me here. Others call him the Wolf but, I’m afraid to call him names after what he did to me.

It was a day like any other, me and my parents went to the lake like we do every weekend. I wandered off to smell the flowers and go on the old swing me and my father put up a few years back. But the He came out of the woods, out of nowhere. He grabbed me, I felt a pain on my head and everything went black.

I woke up to find myself chained to a wooden table with a bloody bandage on the back of my head. I looked over to see rusted surgeons tools on a smaller table next to me. As I looked around I could see the room was covered in stone with a wooden door across from me. It was dark but candle lit just enough to see. Suddenly a tall, monstrous silhouette of a man slammed open the door and came closer to me into the light.

He was huge with greasy hair hanging over his face and and a semi toothless smile. I asked him why I was here and he just laughed. And he continued to laugh as he strapped down my head and grabbed at his tools. He grabbed what looked like a cork screw and without hesitation plunged it into my eyes. He twisted and turned the screw as I screamed and struggled but he held me down with his massive weight. Sitting on top of me now, he was crushing me and I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.

Still screaming when he was done, I couldn’t cry but I could feel the blood running down my face like tears. He was laughing and wrapped a cloth around my eyes that quickly became wet with blood and carried me out of the room to my cell.



I’ve lost time of how long its been seine then and I’ve longed to see my parents again, to run free again, to feel the water on my feet again. I despised Him and how he treated me and the others. Hes brought other girls and women in his lair. They each have their own cell and injury. Some have limbs taken, organs, teeth or are just abused. I can hear their screams from the other room, the helplessness shrieks of desperation.



One day the Wolf put another woman in my cell. She didn’t say a word but I could hear her shifting around In the corner. “would you like the bed?” I offered

She climbed on and nudged over to me, she was shaking.

“Thank you” she said quietly.

“what did he do to you?” I asked

“He...he..” she took a long pause “he took my legs”


I felt the sun come through and I walked over to stand in the rays.

“what are you doing?” she said

“its warm” I replied.

I heard her sit up in bed to look out the window.

“what does it look like out there?” I asked curiously

“free” she said sadly.

Then she lost her balance and I heard a metal snapping noise.

“what was that?” I said

“the bar..its all rusted and weak”

I went to the window and felt the other two bars, they were weak. I started to feel the windows outline.

“I, I can fit through!” I said excitedly

“so you mean, we can get out?”

“freedom, finally”


I wasn’t thinking about anything but being free! Free to run and feel the water, the sun and the smell of flowers all around me! I pulled at the two bars and jumped out of the window. I fell a couple feet onto soft tall grass. Carefully I walked forward feeling my way through the trees until suddenly, I heard the ocean. And I just ran, I ran tword the sound as fast as I could. The sand beneath my feet turned into sharp rocks and then air, I fell and hit more rocks, tearing up my side and then into the ocean, were my lungs filled with water.



I woke to a white light and a blue sky. As I looked around I could see a field of white flowers for miles. I turned around to see an enormous tree with an old swing. Then it came to me...I could see, actually see! I could smell the flowers and hear the birds, feel the sun and water. I ran out and just lay on the soft grass, letting the world flow around me. I could finally see, that I was free.


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