Toxic Airwaves

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...The media should use their influence to support & encourage good moral values instead of promoting the degradation of humanity....

Submitted: September 29, 2010

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Submitted: September 29, 2010



Imagine a chubby six-year old boy in a Superman shirt and yellow cap, bouncing around excitedly, waving his tiny little fists in the air. Cute, right? Now, add a stream of choice swear words pouring from his mouth that would send any sweet old lady cringing to her grave. Still cute? Most definitely not. And you know what’s even more horrifying than that? Multiply that cute little boy, by say, a million along with that swearing attitude, and well, what do you get? Let’s just phrase it as the so-called “hope of the nation”.

Little kids hardly out of infancy hammering hard on keyboards, staring mesmerized at computer monitors showing violent images while curses pour out of their mouth as if they were just reciting their A-B-C’s are actually quite a common sight nowadays. To put it simply, they actually know these monstrosities way better than their alphabets and numbers, most of the time. And if you’re wondering how all this came to be, maybe you’re not really human and actually came from another planet. Or maybe you just got hit by a bout of amnesia? Rather, how about people haven’t been putting a check on what the youngsters in their household have been listening to and watching? Trash. That’s right, you read correctly. And why exactly do I term it as trash?
Oh, let’s see, maybe because the longer time you are able to ingest amounts of it, no matter how microscopic, you degenerate and it takes much more effort to recover as time goes by. Just like drugs. Alcohol and crime as well. And remember all those stories they used to portray about ex-convicts, drug users and alcoholics? It always, if I remember correctly, always starts small. From simply beating up, vandalizing and even accidental medicinal overdose, it always graduates to something bigger. Yes, folks who commit acts like these have their own reasons that can justify their actions but when it all boils down to the roots, what they still do is plain wrong. And sometimes, they don’t even realize it anymore because they’ve been numbed by the influences of the media. Somehow, killing people has managed to sound okay, even cool to some extent. Doing drugs? Oh yes, high school rebels look so glamorous in action. Alcohol, anyone? C’mon, only babies still drink soda. These lines can be heard quite casually from most youths, more evident in urban than in rural areas. But aren’t they already capable of distinguishing from right or wrong? Well, only those blessed with the gift of education, age and conviction will be able to resist these forms of vulgarity but what about the inordinately young and helpless? They are the most vulnerable since they haven’t been able to build their mentalities onto strong foundations and therefore can be easily swayed and fooled by what they see. And since their parents and guardians need to work (away from them most of the time), they are usually left alone with the most convenient “nannies”, the TV, radios and computers who usually spew out green jokes and obscene tales that are never fit for ones as tender as their age. So, in connection to this, it’s no wonder that mankind is deteriorating nowadays, and it’s a shame that we have to devolve beside technology we made, which in comparison, is evolving. Does this mean that as our technology gets better, we get worse? That technology is actually no good? It’s not that, but come to think of it, don’t we have these machines under our control? So that means we are able to monitor what comes out of them, right?
Simply put, the people behind the curtains and working both back and onstage should watch what goes onto the airwaves and transmits to the impressionable minds of kids. Educationally entertaining shows are of course, top of the list. Corny shows and advertisements plus physically challenging segments are also still ok. It’s just those adults-only periods that must be avoided. Maybe the TV bigwigs should make adults-only portions special access so that kids won’t be able to watch it, or even to just ban it so that adults can find better and more beneficial recreational activities in their leisure time anyway. We, as the makers of technology which advances us in our life, should be able to put a stop to its aspect that makes us worse. And to be able to do that, we must lessen the amount of poisonous media that degrades us and puts us down, rather we should increase support for academic endeavors instead. After all, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, right?
And to be honest, I don’t think our world looking like a dumpsite including us in it looks pretty to me or you......

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