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Submitted: July 30, 2009

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Submitted: July 30, 2009



Sometimes there are things that we don’t understand
People walk into our lives for a reason but the reason is unknown
Most people don’t realize who is there for a season or a lifetime
We try to hold onto the people who were meant just for a season
That’s why we are so unhappy at times in our lives
Sometimes there are things that we do understand
But we are just too quiet to say it
Too embarrassed to announce our true feelings
Afraid of the true rejection that can come from the truth
And rarely ever say the true feelings inside to those important people
Sometimes there are things that we think we don’t understand
But in the depths of our hearts we truly do
At times we play “dumb” to cover up the things we hope to be true
To have someone tell you that they love you when they truly mean it
Can make those realizations come to life
Sometimes there are things that we think that we understand
We assume the things that no one will fill in for us
It brings us down when there is grief in our lives
Hoping there is someone that can cover what was left behind
Trying to find anyone to fill the gap
With my life,
I see so many things pass me by,
I can’t just stop what I’m doing to make one person happy,
I explore the world with one thing at a time,
I know that there are people that come into my life for a season,
A reason to teach me something new that must be learned,
But there are also people that come for a lifetime,
They come as vulnerable people,
Filled with hurts and regrets,
They feel like giving up at times,
But some turn to me for help,
That’s when I know that I am something more than others,
I feel special to people that trust me with those things,
To open up to me and taking their time,
I love those types of people that are helping me with my own past,
Those people know how important they are to me,
Even though at times they doubt me,
I know that it is the past that holds us back,
But forever more there will be no reason to be held back.
Only to be pushed forward to cherish life and the amazing gifts.
I hope those people know who they are,
They are a part of my life,
No matter what happens in the world,
To my life,
To my family,
To my friends,
With their choices.

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