To Whom It May Concern: *SILLY*

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Submitted: July 21, 2009

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Submitted: July 21, 2009



To Whom It May Concern
Someone I know is crying out for help
They don’t know where to turn to
Someone I love is crying out for help
They feel as if no one cares
That someone is unique
They have been through as much as me
They have problems that hold them back
Sometimes doesn’t realize that it can be helped
That person is crying out
Trying to find where they belong
That person always asks if they are worthless
Knowing what I will say
That someone is important
No matter if they see it or not
That someone is magnificent
Whether or not
I want to help this someone
But that someone needs to agree
I want to help this someone
Become the best that they can be
This person is amazing
In more ways than one
This person has more than what meets the eye
When you look into their soul
I want to tell this person
How much I truly care
I hope that one day this person
Will know that I am always there
I want this person to succeed
I will help them until I die
I want this person to reach all their dreams
I will know no common ground
I hope this someone understands
What they mean to me
I know that this is a difficult time
For both of us in between

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