A Lily for My Lily

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A lily for my lily, talking about the one who when your with just feels perfect, like the final piece getting placed in the puzzle.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011




A lily for my Lily;


To the one who makes it all worthwhile

To the one who always wakes me up with a smile.


A lily for my Lily;


For the one with loves pure leaf;

For the one who never makes me feel beneath.


A lily for my Lily;


Because, you’re the one who makes my world brighter;

Because, you’re the one I truly admire.


A lily for my Lily;


A flower so pure could not describe you

A love so sure, you couldn’t know how much today it grew


A lily for my Lily;


I could never ask for anything more,

I could not think of a flower I would love more.


A lily for my Lily;


It’s the symbol of my love, because I could only love something so sweet

It’s something that will not die, because there will always be lily’s growing along as our hearts continue the same beat


A lily for my Lily;


As long as my being is living, as long as the trees grow their leafs, as long as the wind blows and your face has its grin, as long as the sun shines the light for me too witness such a sight, as long as the stars are forever far, and as long as clouds are high in place so that I can imagine in them your face


I will forever present


You, the one I truly hold dearly;

You, the one who makes me see everything so clearly




a lily for you my Lily.


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