I Am What You Want Me To Be

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A peom about perceptions. I am Who you want me to be, because I am your perceptions and thoughts. The poem talks about how I can only be seen to you how you see me. I am me through your eyes. In some ways I am You.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011




To you I am who you want me to be.

I am what you desire, your thoughts and feelings, your personification of your day.

I am the feeling you had before our first met. I am your opinions of the biological and materialistic features of my opinion. To you I am what you think I should be. I am what your mind decides of me. I am what makes you rationalize your actions. To you I am eye deep, a generic flesh of conformity, the stereotype that makes it easier for you to understand. I am another novel on the bookshelf, with a colourful cover and a name as a tittle. I am the novel that you looked away from, and therefore, never read. I could read these pages, but could I be sure you will fully grasp the content. I could be striving for the stars, but to you i continue to carry through a generic life surrounding yours. I could show you the light or leave you with the same pages you had before. Because all i can strive for is what you don’t, too see what you can’t, and be what you aren’t, but you won’t see what I am.

Because, to you I will always be what you want me to be; to me I will be what I strive to be; and, in reality I am what I have to be.

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