Moments of Our Time

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A poem about how team feels in a relationship.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011




Did time just stop?

Did you just feel the earth stop moving, the clock stop ticking and our hearts stop pounding?

Are we the only ones aware? Or, are we in another dimension for a second; as though our souls left our bodies, and became one in their own.

I feel as if though when we are together there is no time, for that moment in time. That moment together we lived as if just one time there was no time.

In the moment our souls met, we were the only people that were living. It was our time.

And in our time, though it was just a moment of time our hearts beated as one, and our brains clicked the same thoughts.

But our moment is over.

As time moves on the only thing I know is that for the moment we shared time as we knew it had stopped and we lived in our world od harmony. From the time our eyes met we entered this world were time ceased to exist.

But as moments pass on and my eyes draw further apart. souls disconnect and minds continued on.

Although, I will always remember our moment, our souls together.


I will always remember our time. 

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