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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Rebirth a poem about the terrorizes of night changing your thought, from how you think during the day.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Sitting out of sight, unknown, unheard, and unawake in a world of darkness. A mind in panic, thoughts of the earth’s soil enter my mind blurring my vision. Suddenly a light slips through the crease of my door. Foot steps creak on the floor. The light so blinding as the door creaks open, and a thousands thoughts of crazy spew through my eyes. The light is dangerous, stay away from the light. How can you trust the light, if even satin came dressed in white. The door further opens, ‘’get out’’ I shout, ‘’get out’’. 

It begins rushing through my soul, the decision of my fear. trapped inside my mind is a voice, on its knee clouded with prayer. A migraine commences, an earthquake begins and the light begins to brighten. The light it’s burning, closer and closer, fate is upon me. I can see me walking in the line, following the light east in the morning, west in the evening. Force to follow the drones, force to submit to the clones. The door now opens, and light shines in, brightening the windows, destroying the scare, defeating the darkness, and ending my nightmare. 

The lighten then pins my arms above my head, and sucks the air inside my mouth. I soon feel a soul building, as my body begins to glow. My mind begins its process, for the light has entered my thoughts. I’m not a drone and I’m not a clone. The light grabbed my differently, which then lite up my windows submissively. I woke up in a different world, than the world of my neighbor. 

My soul starts to accentuate, I never felt so pure. My compulsion is gone, and a new me is born. The light came through my door to wrap me in a world of conscience, as I think the thoughts of sanity once more. I now see the light, and have awakened my rebirth.

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