The Smile,

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A poem about how the one who's smile is the highpoint of your day.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



my cheek bones rise, my hair stands, my teeth take command. My hair stands up and my eyes light; like lighting struck. You entered my mind which is not an easy task. you held my soul and didn't let go. though Is that always a good thing or is this a sign that were heading for a adventure that may not end up with a raised glass. but it doesn't matter because for now with you i remain hypnotized. Your everywhere in my thoughts you make the most horrid things a prize. because all i see is you when i close my eyes. you make everything seem such beautiful lies. You become my cloud in the skies, you start the spring of my seasons. when i think of the forest you become the skies cries. your everywhere in my mind and when I brighten your the reason. All I can say to you is that whatever way we may end for the time togethor we spend, you where the twinkle in my lake, you where the calmness of my desert, and the mystery of my night. If all goes down our touch was never a mistake, so should tonight our souls unite.

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