I've come to realize

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Submitted: October 25, 2008

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Submitted: October 25, 2008



As much that your life seems in order it doesnt mean nothing less you can share it with someone.

I've come to realize that the small things she does end up the cutest with the best memories.

after while you can just sit and ponder even when things arent so great.. but you realize she was right why the hell I was so stubborn ? and what you would do without her.

You wake up and life seems ehh ok then you feel there's a piece of you not there but yet worse afraid of screwing up what seemed great between us.

put in words what is love ? hell make of it what you believe honestly to me love is when she's always on your mind and you look around and you've tried other girls but for some reason there's something grand something special that makes you a part of me

ha I love the fact you like dogs even though I got small mutts... I love your random randomness on any given day ya ya that's risk I'm given to take... I love that your full of inspirational quotes I think your bout only girl thats understood me for that... I believe your only girl that could pull off the whole "GRRHH" look in your big truck aka ol blue.... I love your a country girl.. even more your smile that gets me every time.

just alittle something on my mind.... READ if you like

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