A Petty, Disgusting Little Thing

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I wrote this about someone I knew and, I'll admit, hated. Enjoy.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

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Submitted: August 22, 2011



A petty, disgusting little thing.

She's a vampire, who feeds off the souls of the innocent; the pure. She builds walls around her mind, protecting herself from attack. She has the tongue of a serpent, a liar. Her eyes tell the story of a hollow shell without a soul, a horrible fiend. The poisonous touch of the Devil himself; embrace her and be decayed.

She does not glance in the direction of the ill, for she believes that death is embedded in her own skin. She will not listen to the pleas of the damned, for she believes that she is damnation incarnate. She is a beacon of lies; one that stands against all morals and truth. One that defies prayers and religion.

Only I know her for what she is; a hopeless demon cast into the sunlight, forced to live amongst the sheep. A coward, lost within the sands of time. A petty, disgusting little thing.

They cower behind their negligence. They are blind to this ugly creature that walks among them. Fear controls their minds, wrapping toxic tendrils around their hearts. Suffocating, breaking, killing.

If not anothers, she will die by my hand. This petty, disgusting little thing. There is no deliverance for this beast that has devoured her soul. There is no prayer that can banish it to the depths of the abyss. Only death can do such a thing.

A petty, disgusting little thing.

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