Lunacy Fringe

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Submitted: November 07, 2010

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Submitted: November 07, 2010




I've run out of my pills,

Abandoned everything I held dear,

Without even shedding a single tear.


How could I destroy her innonence,

And leave her as a hollow shell,

Listening to the church bells ring,

As she attended the funeral of her broken dreams.


I've got nothing left to lose,

I made all the wrong choices when I had the chance to choose,

But I can't bring myself to tie the fucking noose,

Could I die if I left it loose?


Or maybe I could shoot the shiny silver gun,

Instead of deciding to try and fucking run,

I would finally be the one who had won.


Instead I stare into the face of the familiar stranger,

Why can't I bring myself to hang her?


I can't stand who I've become,

The souless eyes,

The indifferent face,

All tumbled up in one inpenatrable case.


I will cherish the chapters end,

When someone raises their gun to my head,

But how will I know if I'm alive or dead?


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