I Walk This Shame Alone

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A girl's walk of shame after a party with funny quirks in it because it was based of a writing prompt my sister gave me when I was bored. Rated R for safety purposes. Enjoy

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



The beeping of the alarm on my phone woke me once again for another shady walk of shame out the front door of some guy's house. I slipping back on my red dress and picked up my satin purse, stumbling pathetically over sleeping bodies. With a pounding headache, weak legs and limited vision, I pulled my cell from my bag, dialled my boyfriend and continued down the hall. I had to hold the mushy brown coloured wall for support while I pressed the phone against my ear with my shoulder and pulled on my black stilettos with my other hand.

"Chase, babe, my head hurts. You know where I am, pick me up please?" I left the message and slumped down to the dirty, pink and dingy carpet. A groan escaped my lips as I let my head fall down to rest some more and placed my purse under my head for extra comfort. A hard, round metal object came in quick contact with my temple and I threw the fake leather object away, but out rolled shaving cream. I didn't even bother asking what about half a bottle of shaving cream was doing in my purse.

Slowly, I had fallen to that place in between unconscious and day-dreaming, and then the floor vibrated. At first it was nice, like a massage. Then my stomach felt gross and all I wanted to do was make the annoyance cease. It took me a minute to realize it was my phone and pick it up with a groggy voice. My boyfriend was calling me back and quickly begged for him to get me.

About 15 minutes later, he showed up in his '92 Dodge Caravan and laid me down in the back seat. I wasn't going to hear from him for a couple weeks, as usual, and then he would call me up and ask for an explanation that he knew he wouldn't get and we would get back together like we always did after my wild nights.

I woke up in my bed, still wearing my party dress, cuddling my stapler. I laughed to myself before the smell of freshly made coffee aroused my senses. Pushing Robert, the blue stapler my father had gotten me as a child, from my head I hurried downstairs. My roommate, Jess was talking with my boyfriend which unnerved me partially. Casually, I slipped in behind her and poured my beverage and tied my hair back in a mess of a bun.

"So, Annabel, how was the party?" Jess always asked about the parties I attended but never tagged along, claiming 'alcoholism is a terrible trait of my family and I don't ever want to be a part of it.' I moaned in response, sipping at my coffee and sitting down next to Chase.

There was a short silence that was quickly filled by the hungry meows of my cat who glared at me every morning until I fed him. My last boyfriend swore he was conspiring to kill me, but I doubt it because once the furry critter is fed, he chills out.

So I stood, fished out his breakfast, placed the horrific smelling mush onto his plate and sat up on the counter beside the coffee machine for a top up. My boyfriend stood and left the kitchen to game on our flat screen since he didn't have such technology in his apartment.

"Chase was wondering if we could have a talk." Jess stated which threw me off guard a little. "I'd stick around to make sure you answer his questions and don't leave. He really wants to understand you." I stared at her, the corner of my eye twitching from the caffeine I had recently ingested, and then shot a glance at the way he had just left.

"Um, why?" I coughed, barely having spoken since I had woken up the second time around.

"You'll understand." Managing not to ask any more questions, and leaving my mug behind, I hopped from the counter. Sneaking a quick glance out the window, the urge to fly away took over me and I thought of what that guy I had slept with was doing right now. Sleeping? Hurrying people out of his house before his parents come back? Starting the party back up without me? It didn't really matter much, but the thoughts still crossed my mind.


Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, I corrected it but nothing is ever perfect with me :/

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