The Pelican And The Fish

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There is this Pelican named Matt and he wasn't the kind of Pelican that liked to be around his on kind. He enjoyed flying around humans cause they interested him on how they lived. Then Matt starts to look for water when he finds it he sees a Fish named Greg on the shore and Greg asks the Pelican if he would put him back in the water. they make friends and decide to go on an adventure and see how human are actually like.

Submitted: January 05, 2010

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Submitted: January 05, 2010



Once there was a Pelican named Matt who was always by himself, never liked to be around his own kind. He would always fly around looking at the humans and watch what they do but he never ever went to close to them. One day Matt was flying and singing his favourite song.

Matt: (flying and swearving) I beleive I can fly whoo, I beleive I can touch the shy, I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away.

Then out of nowhere a swarm of birds come his way really fast.

Matt: I beleive...... Oh wait a minute slow down you crazy birds your coming to fast! Your going to....

Matt tried to tell the birds to slow down but they didn't hear him or see him. They flew right at him knocking him out of the air.

Matt: Wait!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh no! Not again why does this always happen to me??

Matt trys to control himself so he doesn't hit the ground.

Matt: Oh man, I almost got it oh,oh,oh wait a second there we go.

Matt just got control of his self before he hit the ground.

Matt: Oh wow, that was close now wasn't it. (wipes his forehead)

So Matt decides to go and find some water cause he needs a drink for what just happened.

Matt: Ok, now it is time to find a pond I feel a little bit thirsty from that scare.

So Matt picks himself off the ground.

Matt: Ok here we go now 1,2.3 and off I go.

There he goes for the take off. Matt is looking around for water then all of a sudden he sees something...

Matt: Water! I see water, its a merical oh halaluya!

Matt was so excited that he found water he starts to fly down to get a drink. When he gets there right before he goes to get a drink he sees something laying on the ground.

Matt: Oh yes, time to have a drink. (stops looks over beside him) What is that?

Matt gets closer to whatever is on the ground.

Fish:(Greg) Hey you.

Matt: Me?

Fish:(Greg) Ya you, could you help me get back in the water. Some bird tryed to eat me but instead he just left me on the shore to let me die.

Matt: Ya sure I'll help you out.

Matt goes over and picks up the fish, puts him in his mouth then puts him back in the water.

Matt: There you go little guy.

Fish:(Greg) Thank you... Umm what should I call you?

Matt: Oh my name is Matt I'm a Pelican, and your name is?

Fish:(Greg) My name is Greg. So what is your buisness here?

Matt: Oh, well it is a long story.

Greg: Thats ok, I have the time. I wouldn't mind if you told me.

Matt: Very well, I was just minding my own buisness singing my favourite song an..

Greg interrups Matt.

Greg: What song was it? Wait let me guess. I beleive I can fly?

Matt: Actually, yes it is.

Greg looks at Matt.

Greg: Oh. ( starts laughing)

Matt: Why are you laughing?

Greg: (still laughing) I was just kidding about you likeing that song its funny cause you do.

Matt: No its not actually, I like that song and it doesn't matter to me if you do or not.

Greg: Ok, I'm sorry finish the rest of your story.

Matt: Thank you. Ok then this swarm of birds started to come my way. I tryed to tell them to slow down but they didn't hear me and they knocked me right out of the sky. Me trying to control myself before hitting the ground. Then I did, so I landed to get my breath and calm down. Then I felt thirsty and needed a drink so I got myself up and I was looking around to find water then I seen this pound so I landed here to have a drink and before I could I saw you. So thats my story.

Greg: Wow that was a long story, but I didn't mind cause some of it was funny. So they didn't even hear you thats not nice of them.

Matt: Ya, I know it ain't but their just to busy to watch where their flying. Anyways I'm going to head out.

Greg: No wait why.

Matt: So I can go back to what I was doing.

Greg: So, what was that?

Matt: Well I really want to go on a little adventure around the humans. They interest me how they live and what they eat what they do. So i jut want to fly around and see what all I can see.

Greg: Really, that sounds awsome. Can I come?

Matt: Well, I don't know.

Greg Please I don't want to stay here I want to go on the adventure with you I think it would be fine.

Matt: Maybe like where would you sit?

Greg: In your mouth.

Matt: In my mouth?

Greg: Ya, all you have to do is put some water in your mouth so I can swim in it.

Matt: Ok, I guess thats fine with me.

So Matt walks over grabs a mouth full of water keeps his mouth in the water for Greg to swim in.

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