The Zombie House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Being invited to a party isn't the best thing when someone is out for revenge! The party guests show up to a large mansion, but when they enter the house it looks different and filled with danger that they cannot imagine...To add to their doom, zombies are outside of the house, ready for their chance to steal a victim to eat!

There are these 5 teens named Jake, Luann, Naomi, Kyle and Kishy and they got invited to a friends house for a Halloween party. What they didn't know was that the friend that invited them had something planned for them all. Jake is driving a mini van.

Luann: (looking out the window at the house) Here we are that’s the house right there.

Jake: (turn on the left side) Ok I'm going to pull up in the drive way.

Kyle: (in a mean voice) Dude your squishing me man!

Kishy: (yelling) Its not my fault that Jake has such a small car.

Naomi: (in a hurting way) Ouch, Kyle your hurting me. Wait till Kishy gets out first, don't be in such a hurry.

Jake: (yelling at Kishy and Naomi) Hey, would you two stop fighting!

Naomi: (trying to be clam) I'm not fighting he’’s hurting me!

Luann: Kishy hurry up and get out of the car so Kyle and Naomi can!

Kishy jumps out and Naomi pushes Kyle out of the car. They both fall on the hard ground. Then Kyle and Naomi gets into a fight.

Kyle: Son of a bitch! That really hurt, why did you have to push me?

Naomi: Well you were taking your sweet ass time getting out!

Kyle: (starting to calm down) Still you don't have to push.

Naomi: Well I'm sorry! That I hurt you.

Jake: Ok you two lets get going, we haven't even made it to the door yet.

Luann: Kyle why don't you go up and knock on the door?

Kyle: That would be my pleasure.

Naomi rolls her eyes.

So Kyle walks up to the house that looks really old. It has some broken windows, paint falling off, broken shutters and the grass wasn't cut it looked like it hasn't been cut for a year or more. Kyle walks up the wooden stairs that looks like it could fall apart any second. So Kyle goes to the door knocks on it waits a few seconds. Listen for some one to answer the door.

Kyle: (turns around and looks at everyone) (whisper) Hey I think he’’s coming, I hear foot steps coming this way.

Their friend answers the door. The door creaked like it was falling a part.

Tim: (party host) Hey you guys come on in.

Naomi: (smile) Well thank you Tim.

Tim: (smile) No problem.

Everyone looks around and the inside house it looks like the outside of the house but a bit different. Only a few lights are work and some don't. Floors are dirty some spots needs new boards. The house is like one hundred years old or more.

Kishy: Wow, this house is pretty creepy, don't you guys think so?

Luann: Yeah, I know what you mean. It gives me the creeps as well! All right I'm not sure if I want to be here anymore?!

Tim: Why not? All of the fun hasn't started yet, just you wait and see.

Luann: (in a scared voice) Ok.

Kyle: So where is all of the food? You can't have a party without food!!

Tim: Well yes, your right you can't have a party without food, but this party is different then other party’’s.

Naomi: Ok then, well what kind of party is this then?

Tim: (in a low scary voice)The kind of party that is going to scare you to death!

Jake:(reassuringly) Don't listen to him sweetheart he's just joking with you.

Naomi: ( in a scared voice) Well he better be or I'm leaving right now!!! I don't like when people joke around like that its not even funny!

Kishy: (reassuringly) Yeah don't worry about it, he's just trying to scare you that’s all.

Naomi: Oh yeah, well its working pretty good!

Luann: Ok Tim, so when is this so called party going to start?

Tim: When it starts to get dark.

Kyle: Ok, why does it have to be dark for the party to start??

Tim: Oh you guys are so funny, it’’s a surprise just wait! We still have a half an hour before its dark.

Luann: ( in a sarcastic way) Ok, cool I can hardly wait?

Right before anyone could say anything else. The sun was gone, it was really weird. Because the sun wasn't suppose to go down for another 20 minutes so everyone was suspicious...

Everyone is looking around. Kyle runs over to one of the windows.


Naomi: Um, you said that the sun wasn't suppose to go down for a while and like, look its um, gone?

Tim: I know, I said that but you never know what I say is true or not.

Kyle: Dude what the fuck, why is the sun down? You said it wasn't going down for another 20 minutes! Look it hasn't even been 2 minutes and it is down already!

Jake: Ok man, like this is really weird, like what the fuck is going on here? I want you to tell us what we are all doing here! Right now or something is going to happen!

Kishy: Yeah man, like come on tell us what is going on!

Tim gives then a look like he doesn't want to tell them what really is going on.

Kyle walks back over to the others.

Kyle: Dude, don't give us that look man! Jake’’s not joking if you don't tell us. I'm going to kick your ass man!

Tim: Ok, ok I'll tell you what’’s going on. I brought you guys here tonight because I have a very special plan for the 5 of you. Let me see, I'm guessing that you guys are wondering why the house looks weird and old, right?

Luann: Yeah and get to the point Tim!

Tim: ( looks at Luann with a mad look on his face) Don't interrupt me when I'm talking! That’s what I thought. Now where was I oh yes, in this house there are things that will kill you, if you don’’t get them first. People like us, some aren't even people, ok so if you want to stay alive you need to work together. You can split up if you want too, but I advise you not too. I have weapons that you can use to fight back with if you want to use them..... around the house.

Jake: Dude, you are the most fucked up guy that I have ever met in my entire life!

Tim: Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment, oh yeah!!! I forgot one thing that I should tell you.

Kishy: That is?

Tim: If you go outside, well the zombies are out there but if you don't get eaten first you should be fine. Oh wait, I forgot if you do go outside your not going to find anyone cause there is no one left only us 6. So if you go home and look for your family you won't find them at home cause they are all dead. I know its horrible but what are you going to do about it right? Ok you only have about an hour and a half to get your ass back to the house before you start to feel the changes of your body starting to turn into one of them and when that happens...Well, if I were you guys I would be running as fast as I can to get back to the house cause if you don't get back in time bye, bye for you.

Luann: So why is it if we go outside we will turn into one of those zombies? When we are inside we don't turn into one?

Tim: That’’s because I have something inside that you don't turn into one. If I didn't then why are we all still normal?

Jake: Ok you have a point.

Naomi: You know Tim, you are one sick fuck, why in the world would you pick us to do this?!

Tim: I picked you guys because, I think you guys will make it through the night, if you guys don't fight all of the time.

Kyle: Ok, I guess now that we are here, that we have to do this right?

Tim: Well yes, unless you want to be a zombie.

Luann: Ok, well when do we get started?

Tim: (pause) Um, now.

Then the lights went out, the whole room was dark, Naomi was freaking out, the others weren't as scared as she was. They all stayed together so nothing happens to them, Tim he was out of sight, he was gone!

Naomi: Hey where did Tim go?

Jake: Who cares.

Kishy: Ok, so where do we start? I think that some of us should split up.

Luann: Um, I don't think so, like what if something happens didn't you hear what Tim said?

Kishy: Don't worry nothing is going to happen!

Naomi: How do you know, what’’s not going to happen!

Jake: Ok, you two stop your fighting, now we need a plan!

Luann: HEY!!!! remember he said that he has weapons for us somewhere. I think we should find those? Then we should come up with a plan and see who is going to be in who ever’’s group ok.

Kyle: Yeah ok, then lets do that.

So the 5 of them start walking around very slowly cause they don't want to walk into things. The house is so dark they don't even have a flashlight to see where they are going.

Naomi: Um, you guys please don't leave my side! I am so scared right now!

Luann: Don't worry hun, we won't leave you we all promise you that.

Jake: Hey guys, I think I found a box full of stuff! Lets have a look it might have weapons in it!

So they all walk over to this box that is in the middle of the floor.

Kishy: Ok man. Um you open it Kyle !?

Kyle: Hey man, why do I have to open it?

Kishy: Um, cause you are the closest?!

Kyle: What! That don't mean shit man, Jake’’s closer!

Jake: Ha, I don't think so, you don't know what might be in there, it could be a hand or something?!

Luann: Oh, for fuck sakes you guys, just open the fucking thing!!!!

Naomi: Fine, if you guys aren't going to open it!!!! I will!!!

Luann: See even Naomi isn't scared to open a box, now that’’s jokes!!

Naomi slowly walks up to the box, she is kind a scared because she doesn't know what might be in it. She gets closer to it, she grabs it and opens it fast and all that they see is a bunch of weapons!

Kishy: Wow, that wasn't so hard, now was it!

Luann: Ha, that's so funny! You know why? Well for one thing a bunch of guys were fighting on who should open it, and that is funny because you guys were scared!!!


Kyle: Well, you would be scared to, if this guy is telling you that you will die. If you don't follow things you were told, you never know what would happen when your in the dark!!

Jake: Ok, now I think we should see who is splitting up in what groups. Here take a flashlight with you so you know where you are going.

Jake: Um, ok there is only 5 of us so the numbers won't be even. Ok, so Kishy, Naomi and Kyle you 3 are in a group, and Luann and I are in a group, so lets all split up and see if we can find some monsters or whatever they are.

They all split up in there groups, Luann and Jake start to head for the basement to see what they can find.

Luann: Ok, Jake so where are we going first?

Jake: Well, I was thinking about the basement, you don't know what might be down there, so lets start there first.

Luann: Ok.

Both of them go to this hallway where they fine a trap door that is made of steal that leads to the basement.

Jake: Hey look it’s a trap door.

Luann: Ok, so how do we open it?

Jake: Well I'm going to need your help pick it up.

Luann: Ok I think I can do that.

So Luann and Jake grab a hold of this steal handle. The door wouldn't open cause there was a lock on it that they didn't see.

Jake: Fuck, its not going to open we need something to get this lock off.

Luann: Um, I don't have anything to get it off with.

Jake: Well we need to look around for something heavy to get it off .

Luann: Wait look what is that?

Jake: It looks like a long steal bar.

Luann: Would that work?

Jake: Yeah it should, go over there and get it.

Luann: Ok, here you go .

Jake: Ok thanks,

Luann: No problem.

So Jake takes the bar and puts it in between the lock and tries to snap it open.

Jake: Fuck, this thing is so hard to get open.

Jake turns a little bit harder until he couldn't turn anymore. Then the lock snaps.

Jake: Finally fuck, ok come here and help me with this.

Luann: Ok.

Jake and Luann start to pull the door up.

Luann: Man what is that door made of like fuck that was heavy as hell.

Jake: Steal. Like whatever is down there they don't want it coming out.

So Luann and Jake start to walk down the stairs. The stairs are made of some kind of really old wood that look like it is hundred years or more.

Jake: Watch your step these stairs are very old you don't want to fall throw them.

Luann: Ok, I'm watching.

So Jake and Luann are now looking around the basement. The basement look really dark with a bunch of boxes all over the place. The floor is of the basement is all dirt.

Jake: Wow, I don't even know what to say about this but I guess they didn't have enough money to make it a cement floor.

Luann: Yeah, I know what yeah mean and it looks really creepy down here.

Jake: Well all we are doing is looking around for something that doesn't look right.

Luann: Ok then lets hurry and do that then.

Luann and Jake keep on looking around the basement.

Luann: ( in a really scared voice) Um, Jake I hear something!. Jake there is something behind us!

Jake: Ok, um grab the flashlight and point it behind you.

Luann: Ok, oh my god Jake, look don't you see that?!

Jake and Luann hurry to get the weapons out, to protect them selves from two guys that are on the way to kill them. Luann grabs pepper spray Jake gets a big knife.

Luann: Jake get him, he is coming your way!

Jake: Oh yeah, well there are two of them, so you have one as well.


Luann is having some trouble with the pepper spray, its not working for her, like it is empty or something.

Luann: Jake, the pepper spray isn't working, I think it is empty?!

Jake: Well, then grab something else then!

Luann: I can't he is in the way, I can't get by him or I would!

Luann she keeps on trying to get the pepper spray to work, the guy grabs her by the arms and lifts her up, she finally got the pepper spray to work, she gets him right in the eyes. She runs over to where Jake is, cause the guy had him pined on the floor, she goes right up in his face, and sprays him in the eyes. Jake and Luann tie them both up, so they can't get away.

Kishy, Kyle and Naomi are walking around upstairs to see what they can find, they come to a door that looks like, well it looks like a big green and black door that leads to the side of the wall so, they start to walk to wards the door?

Naomi: So, who here is going to be the one that opens the door?

Kyle: Um, I think that you should be the one to open the door.

Naomi: Ok and why should I be the one to do it, like why can't Kishy do it why me?

Kyle: Ok well, I don't care who opens it just someone open it...

Then Luann and Jake come out of no where and looks at Kishy, Naomi and Kyle and asked them what they are looking at?

Luann: Um, what are you guys looking at?

Kyle: Well let me see, Um do you see this door right in front of your eyes, well by the looks of it you don't!

Jake: Well I'm sorry but I didn't know that! Well Luann and I almost got killed thank you very much so don't give me a hard time ok!!

Kyle: Ok I'm sorry, I didn't think you guys would of got yourself into something like that.

Luann: Oh yeah, well what were you three doing when we were getting our ass's handed to us?

Kishy: ( in a mad voice) Well after you two left the three of us walked around. Then we found this door and no one here will open it to see what’’s on the other side!

Naomi: Ok, you guys stop fighting, now back to what we were doing so who is going to open the door?

Jake: So, how long have you guys been standing here looking at this door?

Naomi: Well, Kyle was yelling at me to do it, I don't know why I have to like, what if there is something on the other side of it. Something bad you never know?

Kyle: Well, I still think that she should do it. She needs to get away from the fear of that something that might be on the other side of the door.

Luann: Yeah that’’s the same for you too Kyle, what makes you so different?

Kyle: Well... Uhh..?

Jake stops Kyle before he says anything else.

Jake: You know what you guys, I think I will open the door myself you bunch of pussies. Come on, what could possible go wrong by opening a door?

So Jake starts to walk closer to the door, he reaches for the door knob puts his hand on it then he gets this feeling that there might actually be something on the other side. He pauses for a second then he opens the door and when he gets it half way open a crazy man comes out with a chainsaw!

Kyle: Holly shit, Fuck man get him!!

Jake: Well give me something, there grab that steal poll come on hurry up Kyle! He’’s getting pretty close with that chainsaw you know?!!

Kyle grabs the steal poll and hands it to Jake before he gets all cut to bits.

Jake pushes the man against the wall then takes the poll and sticks it right into his eye socket and into his brain. There was blood everywhere all over the wall even all over Jake as well and on the floor.

Naomi: Oh my, Jake we almost lost you there!

Kishy: So, what was with there not being anything on the other side huh?!

Jake: Its not my fault, I didn't know like come on how would I know what would be on the other side like am I physic?

Luann: No, we know your not.

Jake: Ok good, then don't blame me for something I didn't know ok!

Kyle: So what are we going to do now?

Kishy: I don't know what we should do.

Naomi: I think we should try to go outside and see if we can get some help or something?

Jake: I don't know about that because Tim said that if we go outside that the zombies will get us.

Kyle: Well I think Naomi is right we should try, and if it doesn't work out we can come back here and wait till the sun comes up.

Luann: Ok then, lets do that then.

So all 5 of them start walking to the front door, before they walk out Jake’’s walks to the window to see if he can see any zombies.

Jake: It looks ok out there to me, so lets go outside.

Kishy opens the door Kyle walks out first to see if its safe.

Kyle: Ok you guys its safe, I don't see anything.

Naomi: Ok, so what are we going to do?

Luann: Well I think we should all go home and actually see if our family is dead cause you never know right?

Kishy: You now what that’’s sounds good to mean how about you guys?

Kyle: Sounds good to me.

Jake: Ya same here man.

Naomi: Same here.

Luann: Well, what are we waiting for then lets go.

Kyle: Ok, what we have to do is pick a time to meet back here where we stand.

Jake: Well it is 8:00 PM now so we should all be back here before 9:30 PM so lets say 9:15 PM. So lets all try not to get our selves killed, cause its better if we just stay in one peace. Ok so lets all just get a move on before the zombies see us.

So the 5 of them go their own ways to see if their family is actually dead. Right now Jake is on his way to his house.

Jake: ( walking clam down the street / talking to himself) Wow, the streets look so dead right now maybe Tim was right about all of this.

Then Jake stops walking cause he heard a tree limb snapped.

Jake: ( scared / whispering ) Oh fuck, what the fuck was that?

Snapping sounds.

Jake: ( scared/ whispering) Oh shit, I'm going to die. That snapping is getting really close.

The snapping just kept on getting closer and closer. The all of a Sudan the snapping stopped.

Jake breathing heavily

Jake: (confused) What, wha.

Jake stops walking stays in the middle of the road, starts to look around to see what he can see.

Jake: ( whispering ) Ok, well I don't see anything.

He turns to his right, turns to his left. looks behind him slowly he can feel something standing behind him breathing heavily.

Jake: Ah, oh shit!!!

The zombie tried to bite him, but Jake got away before the zombie could.

Jake: Shit!! Fuck get away from me you flesh eating son of a bitch!!!!

Jake starts to push the zombie away from him so he could make a get away. Jake gets free and starts running down the street. while the zombie chased after him.

Jake: Haha I got away! ( looks at the zombie ) Oh shit, I'm out of here.


Jake runs more down the street, turns left at a corner and gets surprised by a zombie. That comes straight for him and he didn't see it coming.

Jake: ( screams) Holy Shit!!! Where the fuck did you come from? Ha, ha you remind me of my last girlfriend I had and she was UGLY!

Jake just stands there looks behind him and sees the other zombie coming his way.

Jake: Son of a bitch! Sorry ugly catch yeah later haha.

He starts running again trying to get to his parents place as fast as he can before he meets another zombie.

Jake: (talking out loud) Oh boy, These zombies can really keep up if they really want too. At least I'm almost at my house, fuck I'm getting tired already from running around zombies just to get to my house hope the others are doing better.

Meanwhile Kyle is walking normal down the street to his house like there ain't nothing wrong, until he runs into 3 Zombies eating someone inside their car. Kyle sneaks by them without making a sound he gets around the corner and right in front of him there is a body all covered in blood with one arm and its intestines hanging out. Kyle looks behind him checking if any zombies are following him.

Kyle: Oh wow look at that? Now that something you don't see everyday, a human eating another human. Ha to bad the others aren’t here to see this, if I had a camera right now I would totally be taking pictures of this shit.

Kyle turns around to take a different way to his house but right as he turns around there is a really hungry zombie right in his face looking at hm right in his eye.

Kyle: Fuck this shit it’s starting to get boring I’m just going to walk around so I don’t bother the zombie from his dinner. ( Kyle turns around) Jesus fuck! Now aren’t you an ugly fucker? Yo man, you need a breath mint like really bad your breath smells like a dead animal.

The zombie just looks at him with blood dripping from its mouth.

Kyle: Umm, I’m Just going to go this way.... see ya.

The zombie went to grab Kyle but right n time Kyle ducked and started running as fast as he could down the street to get away from this human eating zombie before he was next on the list.

Submitted: December 25, 2009

© Copyright 2022 xLuxOfxScriptx. All rights reserved.

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I've already read it on the laptop and remember how I couldn't stop laughing! wow you almost made me cry! Remember all of them have to be blond and jake has to be a black guy! LMAO!

Thu, December 31st, 2009 3:41am


lmao yes i will make everyone blond and jake a black guy and i know i made u laugh and almost cry it was funny tho love ya

Fri, January 1st, 2010 4:29pm

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