Sparkling Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

It happens when the night sparkles..Love to fear and back to love.

Cherry felt something special towards Guava, but she never had the courage to show it out. She kept the secret so well that nobody knows. Even close friends didn't notice. She'd rather nothing happen between them than to confess to him and lose everything they had- the friendship the built. She was satisfied, his smile was all she asked for.

Until one night, Guava confessed to Cherry about his feelings at the peak of a mountain. The night was so beautiful with the sparkling stars.

Guava: Cherry, this may be a little sudden to you.. But I have something to tell you. I..I like you. I can't help it..I miss you every single day. I would like to be with you. You don't have to answer me now. I'll give you sometime to think about it. I'll meet you back here tomorrow night and you shall give me your answer. I just want you to know that whatever your answer is, I want you to be happy.

Cherry was so happy that night. She went home and think about what to say the next day. In fact, she didn't need that extra time to think about it. She knew it in her heart she was going to accept him.


The next day...

Cherry put on her favorite white lacy dress, a light make up and a perfume Guava once commented that he liked. Soon, she left her house happily.

The walk up the peak was not tiring for Cherry at all. She enjoyed the scenery and all she thought about was the memories with Guava.


As she finally reached the peak, she saw Strawberry crying. Guava was standing beside Strawberry. A worried look was painted on Guava's face.  Strawberry was indirect enemies with Cherry all along. They didn't like each other.

**Strawberry was the kind of girl who will only get along with boys and gets jealous when she meets someone with better qualities than her. To be honest, Strawberry was better than Cherry in grades, looks and she's even the cheer captain of their school. But she got into quite a drama with Cherry when her ex-boyfriend dumped her because he was in love with Cherry. Cherry did not show affection to the boy at all because at that point of time, she treated Strawberry as a friend. But Strawberry did not appreciate Cherry's kindness at all. Throughout their final year, she embarrassed Cherry in front of the whole school, spread fake nasty rumors about Cherry, picked on her when nobody is around and she even went as far as to create troubles in school just to put the blame on Cherry. It was the darkest period of Cherry's life. She even had to transfer to a new school. Who could stand the whole school bullying them?

Strawberry: It hurts. Guava, my heart hurts. I am all alone now. I have no friends, nobody will be there for me anymore. Not even my family.

Guava: Don't worry, I'm always here for you.

Cherry, now with a heavy heart, walked towards them..

Cherry: Guava, what is going on?

Guava: Cherry, I'm sorry. I know this should have been an important moment for us but she's hurt. I need to stay by her now. I'll talk to you another time.

Cherry: I understand. Strawberry, are you alright? Is there anything I can do to......

Strawberry: WEEEEEPS.. I just want to be alone now! ...with Guava! Do you mind leaving us alone? Guava, please tell her to leave! I don't want anybody else but you to see me like this!

Guava: I'm sorry Cherry.. Please leave us alone for now. I promise I will get back to you once Strawberry is feeling better. Do you mind leaving us alone now?

Guava's words pierced through Cherry's heart like a sword.

Cherry: I do mind! Forgive me for being selfish, but Guava, I don't want you to be with her!

Strawberry: Cherry you selfish bitch! Guava, I love you so much! Please don't leave me alone. I'll kill myself if you leave me. Now where's that blender? I'm going to blend myself into a cup of delicious strawberry milk shake! Oh good bye Guava!

Guava: Oh no!! Stop!

Then Guava thought to himself: Well, I gotta save Strawberry or she will die! On a side note, she is indeed hotter and sexier than Cherry! Alright, I know what to do now.

Guava: Sorry Cherry, I have to leave with Strawberry. I liked you.. But you're so selfish. Strawberry told me that you were best friends with her during high school. Yet here you are, stabbing her verbally right in front of me. I can't see any happiness with you.

Cherry: What? I thought we had something special going on.. I won't mind if you don't love me. You just can't be with Strawberry! You don't know her!

Strawberry: Ouch?!

Guava: You are just being selfish, Cherry! Cant you see she's already crying? That was the past. Please let it go. Please let me go.

Cherry: Alright. But remember Guava, you asked for me to let you go. Starting from now, I'll close the door I opened for you and I'll never open it again. Goodbye.

Heartbroken, Cherry left.

Few years later, Cherry met Papaya. She likes papaya but she can't let go of the hurt Guava once brought to her.


When Papaya confessed to Cherry...

Cherry: How much do you love me? Will you leave me like how Guava did?

Papaya: I don't know about that.....

Cherry: What? Another jerk!

Papaya: wait, let me finish. I don't know how much I love you. All I know is I want to be with you forever. It'll have to be you. Nobody else. After knowing you, the only goal of my life is to make you happy. No matter what it takes. I don't care if you love me or not, you'll have to be with me. Even if I don't exist in your heart, even if I can't replace that jerk who broke your heart, I'll still stay with you. Because my dear Cherry, I believe I am the one who can bring happiness to you. Maybe someone out there can make you happy too, but I am the one who will make you the happiest. That's why I'll need you to stay with me. I'll never ever leave you, even if you want me to. Sorry for being selfish.. But I just want you to be happy. The day I leave this world, is the day when you leave me. But even death can't tear us apart. I'll meet you in heaven. You can never escape me.

Cherry: Hehe.. I will never escape you.

They kissed, got married and lived their lives happily.

Strawberry spent her life with different boys after being dumped by Guava for being too annoying.
Guava lived his life alone, in deep regrets. He misses Cherry everyday but, it's too late. Cherry's heart is taken by someone who will cherish it forever.

The end.

Submitted: July 19, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Xman. All rights reserved.

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