Falling for a Rockstar Episode 17 "justmine " marathon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here we go !

Sorry for the wait
Marathon 10/10
Justin- Jasmine we need to get going
Jasmine- Im lazy , do we have to ?
Justin- Yeaah , your dad has news for you , lets go , we cant keep him waiting
Jasmine- UGH , fine lets go
- they head out the door and into justins car -
-in the car-
Justin- What do you think the surprise is ?
Jasmine- I dont know ....but im really curious
Justin- Jasmine ?
Jasmine- yeaah ?
Justin- You know im leaving for my tour in a week
Jasmine- * sad * i know ...it sucks
Justin- I will call you every dad and we can webcam
Jasmine- *smiles  * i know ....
Justin- * kisses her * weere here
Jasmine- * gets out of the car *
Justin- * gets out of the car and takes her hand and goes inside  *
Jasmine- Im home ...
Scooter- * comes out * im glad you can make it ....
Carin- Dinner is almost ready
Jasmine- Alright ..
Scooter- Justin , could you come with me to the kitchen
Justin- * sure * follows him to the kitchen *
Scooter- So you know that song we have beeen working on ?
Justin- yeah , overboard
Scooter- Jessica Jarrell is coming Along on tour too , for the first leg of the tour
Justin- Coool , so she will be with us the first 2 months
Scooter- Yeaah about that , i wont be on tour with you all the time , ryan goood and kenny will be watching you when im not there
Justin- Alright
Scooter- so you need to get packing tonight
carin- Dinner is ready
Scooter and justin goes sits at the dinner table
Scooter- Jasmine ? can you call your sister to come down here
Jasmine- Sure ....* yells * Selena ! get your butt down here , dinner is ready
Scoooter- you know i could of done that myself
Jasmine- Then why didnt you ?
Selena- *comesdown and sits down *
Justin- * sits next to jasmine *
Selena- * sees justin has a red spot on hisneck * justin why do you have a hicky ?
Justin - Umm ..* looks at jasmine *
Jasmine- Umm
Scooter and Carin and Selena looks at them-
Justin- Mosquito Bite .....
Selena- whatever you say dude
Jasmine- Okaay , moving on ..
- they eat and talk story -
Selena- So dad , whats the surprise ? are we getting a new phone ? are we getting a dog ? are we ...
Jasmine- Are we getting a new house ?
Scooter- No , no , no and no
Carin- Umm do you want me to say it hunney ?
Scooter- * nods *
Carin- Umm meand your dad is getting ?
Selena- A baby ??
Scooter- * looks at carin *
Carin- No were notgetting a baby but......we are getitng married * smiles *
Selena- Are you serious ???
Justin- Congrats
Selena- Yeaaah ... we finally get to have a mom
Carin and Scooter Smiles
Scooter- im glad your happy about this
Justin- * looks at jasmine and she doesnt look to happy * are you okay
Jasmine- *gets up and goes outside *
Justin- Maybe i should talk to her
Scooter- No justin ,i should talk to her * stans up and goes outsides and hears jasmine playing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVFJIBkxqcM *
Jasmine- * looks up atthe stars *
Scooter- * sits next to her * hey baby girl ,
Jasmine- I cant believe your getting married , you actually found someone to replace my mom
Scooter- No one is replacing your mother
Jasmine- Dad , its sucks * tears fall * I love carin and all but its wierd how she is going to be my mom
Scooter- * wipes her tears * I love carin and i love you too jasmine , carin love you girls , just give her a chance , i know change is different but you just have to face it
Jasmine- I know ....but i just miss mom ....
scooter- I miss her too , but shes in a better place now ..
Jasmine- Dad , im sorry i walked out like that ..
Scooter- itsokay baby girl * hugs her *
Jasmine- But im glad you found somebody that your happy with
Scooter- * smiles * im glad you found justin
Jasmine- * smiles * i love him
Scooter - i know you do
Justin- * comes out * um scooter , carin wants to know everything okay ?
Scooter- everything is okay , i should go talk to her * gets up and goes inside *
Justin-You okay ?
Jasmine- * nods * yeaah i am okay
Justin - * sits next to her * i know what your going through
Jasmine- You do ?
Justin- My mom and dad split when i was a baby , and now i only have my mom  but i see my dad sometimes he remarried and had 2 kids
Jasmine- * looks at him * I never know that , youmust of been really sad
Justin- I was , but music helped me
Jasmine- * kisses him *
Justin- What was that for ?
Jasmine- for being you and being a good boyfriend
Justin- * smiles *
Jasmine-i think we better get going * puts her guitar on the stand *
Justin- Yeaah lets go * they go inside *
Jasmine- Im sorry carin
Carin- its okay , i tottally understand
Jasmine- Im glad your marrying my dad and that you will be my mom
Carin- * smiles and hugs her *
- week later , justins going on tour -
Jasmine- * hugging justina nd not letting go *
Justin- Im gunna miss you babe
Jasmine- Im gunna miss you
Justin- Yeaah * kisses her *
Jasmine- Keep in touch okay ?
Justin- I will always
Jasmine- * kisses him * be safe okay ?
Justin- i will
Jasmine- * watches him go on the tour bus *
Justin- * waves her goodbye
Jasmine- * waves back

Well the marathon is over , and im still guna make more episodes but im gunaa write the first episode of when i fell in love with you

Submitted: March 04, 2011

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