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By: Elmoshurtside
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Submitted: September 11, 2010

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Submitted: September 11, 2010



They say day dreaming gets you nowhere. That its just a waste of precious time and thought. Some people even say day dreaming is just something people do when they can't bring their dreams and wants to life. Although many people can bash day dreams and day dreamers, I can honestly say this, all my ay dreams came true but they became real with different details. No, dreams aren’t always what people expect them to be but they are what those people who talk about them negatively make them out to be either. They’re just a basic outline.

I sat in class day dreaming about my high school crush, Carson. I was in one of those classic dreams you always see on T.V. when the guy and girl spin in circles in a field of pretty flowers smiling, except the flowers here were black roses. My day dreams of Carson and I never featured the normal vivid colors or preppy pink colors, it always had a twist for the dark side. While I was staring into space and thinking about everything and anything you could imagine he sat next to me and smiled which snapped me out of my trance.

“Why hello Carson.”

“Hey Lyssa, what’s up?”

“Nothing much.” I smiled. “How was the concert you went to last night?”

“It was awesome! I’m going to another bash tomorrow and its on the beach and I was wondering if...” The bell cut him off as the rest of the class flooded in and took their seats.

The entire Mrs. Appleton was talking I was in a day dream where Carson and I were on a swing high above the beach where all you could see was the dark clouds and a tiny bit of the black mountain near the beach. The details were beginning to get clear when the dismissal bell rang. I gathered my things and got ready to move on the my next class when I looked back and saw Mrs. Appleton talking to Carson. I tried to eavesdrop but all I could gather was something about doing really well on the last few assignments and tests and that he should consider an honors class. I thought about it and realized that if he switched classes he would hardly ever see me and that would mean he wouldn’t get to see how much I really like him. While I was thinking this I walked into the wrong hallway and into a group of guys that loved to pick on people.

“Look who it is, its emo Lyssa!” The "leader" Ricky said.

“Leave me alone.” I said softly trying to shake them off and walk away.

“Awe, the little goth girl is sad. Are you going to go cut yourself now?” Ricky said then all of them laughed. I turned the other way. I was really uncomfortable and wished I had worn more than just a tank top and a skirt to school that day.

“Please just leave me alone. I don’t want to deal with you guys.” They all got closer and laughed. I pushed my way out of the crowd and ran as fast as I could. I could hear the tapping of my boots on the tile floor as I ran. I looked behind me and when I looked forward again I saw a red sweatshirt and stopped when we were face to face.

“Are you okay Lyssa?”

“Yeah…” I said shaken. The guys followed me and when they turned the corner they saw me face to face with Carson.

“So little emo girl has an little emo boyfriend.”

“But I’m sure as hell not little and I can kick your ass if you bother her again.”

“I’m not scared of you.” Ricky said trying to sound strong and brave. When he turned around his “band of brothers” were gone. He stood straight for five seconds then turned and ran.

“Are you okay Lyssa? Did they do anything to you?”

“No, I’m fine.” While we stood there in silence I went into another day dream. I imagined the same dream as before. Carson and I were on a swing above the beach and you could see all the clouds and a little bit of the mountain near the beach. I was wearing a tank and skirt with my favorite boots. He would be wearing the red sweater he wore when he saved me with his black straight leg jeans. It would be the first time we were in a date situation so it was a bit awkward. We would slowly reach out our hands and… then I snapped out of it when he started to speak.

“I have tickets to a beach bash tonight and I was hoping you might want to go. I mean there will be rides on the pier and everything even the swings.” Carson said trying to sound casual.

“I would love to!” I said very excited. “What do I wear?”

“The same thing you’re wearing now. I’m wearing the same red sweater. I mean its probably going to be a little awkward but I think its worth it if I get to hold your hand.” He smile and then I had a smile from ear to ear.

“I’ve liked you for a really long time. I really want to go on a swing above the clouds. I’ve even seen it in day dreams.”

“Hmmm well you’re dreams were an outline. Now lets go I don’t want to miss the fireworks.”

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