Choices Are Crossroads And They Were Truly For The Best(

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(The Metaphor Within Us) Elise is a woman who learns choices are cross roads

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



I still remember him. I remember the days I spent with him at the beach. We watched the waves collapse on each other but right after he would say that we would never fall much less collapse. We use to run in the sand near the seagulls and while I flapped my arms I had to try really hard to stay on the ground and not fly away with him and my new friends with wings. I will never forget the sandcastles we built every time we went. It took so long but he assured me that they would be ALMOST as extravagant as our real castle. The shells on he beach were normally broken so I couldn’t make many necklaces to treasure but he promised me I could treasure a lot more along the way. We had more amazing things and I believed him. I was sure we would be together. We had a love that was special. It kept us together and where we needed to be… even during the war.

“Hey George, you’ll never guess what happened today!” I walked over and kissed my fiancé on the cheek then put down my bag.

“What happened?”

“I’ve been requested.” He put down the plate he was washing and a smile grew on his face.

“They chose you for the promotion?”

“No… They want to send me over seas to be a doctor on the battlefield.”

“Wow, Elise, big offer.” I faced him and we looked at each other and stayed quiet. “Wait, you want to go, don’t you?”

“I want to go. I have a chance to serve my country and help people.” George opened his mouth to argue but suddenly bit his tongue. “I don’t have to go though.”


“No I wont I don’t want to leave you like that I don’t want to make you stay alone. I hate being given this choice.”

“What if its not it was me what would you want me to do?”

“I would want you to do if that was option you wanted.”

“Then I wont force you to make the choice, I’ll make the choice for you. You’re going and I’m going back home to take care of my dad.” He finally said. “Choices can truly be crossroads but maybe its for the best.”

“You’re not supposed to decide…”

“Well I already did.”

The next few days were rally difficult but we made it through. We were almost silent. George slept on the sofa and I mad as little eye contact as possible. He went to work like normal and so did I. The night before I left to the airport George walked in the room and knocked on the door go the bedroom.

“I’ll miss you Elise. A lot”

“Same here Don’t worry about that one. Don’t worry though babe I‘ll be home in a few years and then I‘ll be here for good.”

“Elise, when you leave you take everything that we had and you throw it away. I’m sorry but like I said choices are crossroads and this is a really wide one. I love you with all my heart so I cant keep you from something you really want but I cant wait. I have to move on.”

“I’m sorry but I cant stay here forever. We never even made it to the altar.” My heart broke when he said that. We were supposed to get married in three months. “One day you’ll see. He tried to smile. “Go off and make me proud.”

“Okay…” I packed my bags and left the next morning before George woke up.

George took a plane to Alabama and lived with his dad. When I returned to my brothers house I got the news George died. The plane he boarded crashed, I couldn’t believe it. I returned home with my new boyfriend hunter. I met him in the line of duty and we instantly fell in love. Although it was difficult to face George was right choices are crossroads and it was truly for the best.

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