Stand Proud (xxloriettaxx challenge)

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This is the story of a girl named Lilith. She could move mountains and stop the rain. She never had a father, he left her mother before she was born and never looked back. Now that her mom is gone, she is forced to live with the man that hates who she originates from and everything she is. He tries to force her to change who she is but will Lilith realize her power to stand tall and stop the rain?

Submitted: December 23, 2010

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Submitted: December 23, 2010




Lilith walked out of her old house on what seemed like death roe until she reached her father’s limo. The driver put her yellow suitcase in the trunk and opened the car door for her. She ran up to the house, kissed her palm, and touched it to the house she had lived in all of her life. A teat rolled down her cheek and she ran to the car as the driver honked the horn. They pulled away from the curb as the bright sun made its way through the gaps between objects to the west.

She fell asleep and had another nightmare about the day she found out her mom, the only person who took care of her, was gone. When she awoke, she saw that she was in fact, in the car her biological father sent for her and she was in her way to live with the man who did not give a damn. He didn’t even want to get to know her until her mother was out of the picture.

As the black car pulled up to the large mansion, she could feel her heart drop. Lilith took one-step at a time carefully, observing each and every aspect of the huge room she was put in to wait for her father. He finally managed to make time for her and he looked at her with pure disgust.

“What are you wearing?” She noticed he was wearing a sports coat that was gray and black dress pants and shoes that had a bright shine. Lilith looked down at her loud yellow dress. She was wearing a pair of old converse that just so happened to be her favorite shoes, one of her only pairs of shoes. His wife walked in and shook her head.

“This is absolutely horrible. There is no way I will be seen if your daughter is wearing that.” She got close to Lilith and squinted her eyes. “Aren’t you ashamed to be wearing things so ragged and so… weird?” Lilith wanted to hit her more than anything. She wanted to tell her off, but that wasn’t what bothered her… What bothered Lilith was that the words got to her.

The next day when she woke up in for her first full day at the new house she walked t the closet and saw it was filled with gray pants suits. Lilith glanced at her suitcase, then closed it, and shoved it under the bed after taking out the picture of her mother.

“I’m sorry Mom, but I need to fit in here.” She held the picture to her heart and placed in on the big wooden dresser. Lilith slid on a pain of black pumps and black pants along with a white button down. Her hair was back in a bun and her face was painted. When she looked in the mirror, she could hardly stand the teen looking back at her… It wasn’t Lilith, not even close.

“That’s much better!” Her stepmother exclaimed as Lilith attempted to keep her balance walking down the steep steps.

“Now that’s a daughter. Lets not have anymore of that nonsense that woman taught you. This is the new Lisa I mean Lilith.” Daddy dearest said. She went to walk out of the door but something felt wrong… But what? Lilith ran as best she could in heels back to her new room, filled with a new sense of pride.

About an hour later, it was raining just like it did the day my mother took me to New York City the weekend before she died. She ran outside wearing the yellow shirt we bought together that was on sale. They “funkified” it and made it beautiful so she had something nice to wear on the first day of school on our low budget. Everyone looked at them like they were crazy when they bought it but when Lilith walked in with it she was the most proud girl in the world. This memory reminded her not to let others set her standard that she had to stand tall.

She put on the yellow shirt, black skinny jeans, and her favorite converse and ran outside. There stood Lilith, the girl who could would never again let others set her standards. She lifted her face to the sky and smiled. Her brownish black hair fell back in the air and the sun began to shine. There stood Lilith, the girl who could would never again let others set her standards.

Stand Proud

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