The Truth About Mom

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Random short story I wrote about a father telling his daughter the tuth about her mother.

Submitted: August 01, 2010

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Submitted: August 01, 2010




“Taylor, You’re fifteen now and I think its about time you know the truth about your mother.” Dean said to his daughter. She did die in a car accident but she wasn’t on her way home from work, she was on her way to a new life.” Taylor looked at her father completely surprised. Who would have imagined her beloved mother left then voluntarily. “When you were fist born your mother was ecstatic but as time went on she saw she couldn’t put herself first and she hated it as well as the pressure. Mom got severely depressed and I finally convinced her to go get help. I really wonder if it really helped her.” Taylor sat next to her dad on the sofa and got comfortable ready to hear the rest. “One day Eva, your mother, was walking around the house grabbing things and putting them in her suitcase.”

*Flash Back*

“I’m leaving.” Eva said to Dean with a stare that held no compassion, now sympathy, and worst of all no love. “Chad and I are going somewhere else to start a new life where I can be happy.” That broke Deans heart and two.

“Who’s Chad?” Dean questioned.

“The man you decided I should see and get help from, my therapist.”

“Please don’t leave us. We have a beautiful baby girl who needs a mom, she’s only four years old. Don’t you remember praying every night for a good baby girl?” He followed her around the house trying to change her mind.

“I will have a good baby girl, Im pregnant.” As if Dean’s heart hadn’t been broken enough. “Oh don’t cry, be a man. You helped me with more than you thought you could by sending me to a therapist.

“What about all those night I stayed up with you just to wipe the tears that streamed down your beautiful face? What about all the times I held you when you had nightmares and helped you fight your fears?”

“That’s all you ever did for me. Thanks for the support and helping me find Chad.” Eva said in a calm voice looking right into Dean’s eyes.

“So I could be there for you. Who’s going to be here to wipe my tears? You’re leaving me alone after six years or marriage and a little girl for yourself. Typical Eva.” Those were the last words he had ever said to Eva.


“I’m sorry I made your mother leave.” Dean sighed and put his head in his hands trying to stay strong for Taylor. “I’m sorry I made her sick.”

“Dad, I don’t blame you at all. Doesn’t sound like I lost much.” Taylor smiled at him and then they had a tight, long hug.”

“When did you hear about he accident?”

“About a week later. I got a call right after you asked when Mom was coming back. The call said that your mother was dead. I was contacted because we were still legally married. They asked me to go to Virginia but I couldn’t afford the trip so I gave them grandma’s number and that was the end of it.”

“Dad, I’m fine with not having a mother like her. I especially don’t mind if I get you as a dad.” Dean smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

“I love you kiddo.” Dean said, relived that Taylor knew the truth and accepted it. That was the hardest and best day of his life. Telling Taylor was difficult but he had to do it sooner or later. He doesn’t know how Eva could just walk away and leave he little angel behind. Dean finally told the truth about Taylor’s mom, and everything was okay

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